How To Look Good All The TimeHow To Look Good All The Time

It is not an easy job to stay up to date and look trendy all the time. Most of us look at how other people are dressed, wearing the perfect t-shirt that goes with the weather just perfectly paired with just the right set of jeans. People wearing such clothes are an inspiration to all of us, but we can never manage to create our looks let alone re-create the looks of clean beauty that we liked.

Looking good and stylish at all times may look like a very easy task just wear whatever all the other people are wearing and you will end up looking good. Well, sadly it's not as easy as it may seem and people who have struggled to look good for various occasions know about this harsh reality.

we are going to introduce you to a whole new world where you get to look good all the time. Can't believe what you just read? Read it again because it's true we have the perfect guide for you if you want to look exceptionally well all the time.

1) Keep It Simple
We are going to start with the basics, sometimes looking good means looking clean. If you are giving off a dirty or unhygienic vibe it won't matter how stylish your clothes are because no one will even look at them. The first step towards looking good is to take care of your hygiene and cleanliness and for that, you need to do the things your mom has been forcing you to do since you were 2 years old. Number 1, Take a bath regularly, Number 2, Brush your teeth twice a day and Number 3, Make sure your nails are properly trimmed and cut.

2) What's Under The Surface.
There is no way you can expect to look good if you aren't wearing proper undergarments. We all know how important it is to wear clean and washed undergarments but a lot of tend to ignore the importance of the right size. We think that because no one is going to see what we are wearing underneath our clothes so it shouldn't matter if our undergarments are of the right size however that is not true.
Your Bra, your underwear of the tank top or camisole you wear should be the perfect fit otherwise the clothes that you wear won't look good as well and you will end up looking des-shaped.

3) Wear What Suits You
It's not necessary that if someone else good at something you will look good in it too. Everybody has a different body structure hence different things look good on different people. You need to know what suits you and wear that kind of clothes. This also involves thinking about colors that suit you more than others, it’s important to know which color highlights your best features.

4) Right Hair
Some of us don’t pay much attention to what our hair looks like while getting dressed but what we don't realize is that how you carry your hair can change your entire look. It is also fun to match your hairstyle with the type of clothes you are wearing as it helps you look different.

You Are Beautiful!
We are going to leave you with a fact here, you are beautiful and you don't make an effort to look good. All you need is to have confidence in yourself, know that you are looking fabulous, and be comfortable in whatever it is you are wearing or however you are looking as beauty is in the eye of the beholder.