How to Glam Your Living RoomHow to Glam Your Living Room

There are so many ways to glam up your home, especially your living room. Let’s talk about the endless ways to do that within this article. Your home is your safe haven and oasis from the world and a place to unwind in comfort. Whom home has incredible options for furniture and accessories to have a wow presence.

Area rugs are a great focal point and area rug replacements for sectionals, are the perfect thing for the glam factor. The area rug is a focal place when entering the living room in any house. It can bring comfyness to the room and style it way up. Perhaps you want something contemporary, or maybe classic looking, or even more formal. Regardless of the individual look you are going for, an area rug can make or break a space. The placement of an area rug with the sectional sofa, or any sofa is key to encompassing the entire look. The living room is probably the most utilized room in any house, with the most hours spent in it. Glamming that space up makes for much more enjoyable free time with family and friends. If you want to feel like a million bucks then be a room that looks like a million bucks!

The area rug needs a great foundation and the choice of run is a staple to the living room. The design, styling and color are so important so choose wisely. Be sure to properly place the rug where the furniture is involved, especially the sofa! Nothing is worse than a poorly placed area rug with a sofa sitting on it incorrectly. That will make the whole room look bad and out of place before even starting on the rest of the design. Lay the rug down on the floor as if it is a clean wall space and you are hanging a piece of fine art. Be sure in the living room to at least have the front legs of major furniture pieces on the area rug. Sofa and chairs should be on it and at least the front legs should be, if that is all that works. Always remember to equally space furniture when possible.

Do not be worried about too much color and pattern, those two things can be big wow and glam factors! A vibrant color is key to optimal appeal and overall style points in the living room. Adding a playful touch to the room is always welcomed, and can be achieved by colors and patterns. Be sure to purchase a sofa that ties into the color choices in the rug. When on a budget and using the same sofa, bring a pillow or cushion shopping. So you can make a decision to tie it all together with the new area rug purchase. Mix it up and get some throw pillows and floor pillows that accent or have a color that matches something in the area rug.

Think movie stars when deciding on the glam level of the living room. And why not? Whom home is a great place to shop for accent pieces, mirrors, art and pillows. The options for furniture are also so designer level they look fabulous in any space. Glamming it up in the living room can be fun, exciting and one of the best projects! Thinking about glam factors might include big pieces of luxury furniture and art on the walls. The right lamps are always a big hit in a glamorous space, as well they serve a great purpose in functionality. Large coffee tables are glamorous and look fabulous on a large beautiful, living room area rug.