How to Care for Your HairHow to Care for Your Hair

Your hair is like a best friend. You have your good days and your bad days. If you don’t pay attention to your hair properly, it throws a fit. It acts out and won’t do what you want it to.

When you take care of your hair properly, you find you have more good hair days than bad. It’s important to listen to your hair. It’s one of the first things someone notices about you. When you have a good hair day you feel unstoppable. So let’s see how to have more of those.

It Starts Within

What you eat and drink automatically affects your hair. Just like it affects your skin and how you feel.

Drink water, then drink more water

Eat leafy greens

Eat fruits and vegetables

Having a healthy and balanced diet may not always be fun, but you know you see the results. Drinking all that water might be rough, so try infused water. It really makes a difference and makes drinking water more fun.

Things Not to Do

Now some of these may be beyond your control, but please try your best.

Take colder showers

Watch how you style your hair and how

Try not to color your hair or chemically treat your hair often

Tone down the stress

Now, I will never stop taking the hottest lava like showers, but if you can handle a colder shower, that’s better for your scalp.

Heat styling puts stress on your hair, so try to use a low setting if you have to style that way. Also watch how many times you perm or color your hair. Too many chemicals can harm your hair and make it fall out, so be careful and find a trusted professional.

I get it. Telling you to tone down the stress might be laughable. But you know when you get stressed out that your hair brushes out in clumps and you shed more. Just try. Do yoga, meditate, or buy the largest supply of chamomile tea you can find. Find a way to bring it down just a tad.

Things to Do

There’s plenty to do to get your hair in the best shape possible.

Look at the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner

Wash your hair as little or as much as it needs

Massage your scalp to get the circulation going

Let your natural hair shine

Trim your hair every few months

Caring for your hair might seem like a lot of steps, but it’s not hard to remember. Get a good quality shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t have harsh chemicals. A good personalized line is Prose Hair Care.

Depending on your scalp and hair type, you might need to skip days or wash every day. Pay attention to how your hair looks and feels and adjust accordingly.

Massaging your scalp gets overlooked. Increased blood flow is good for your scalp and hair. You can do this with a quality brush before your shower or in the shower.

Letting your hair dry naturally is best. Keeping styling to a minimum is great too. When you have the time to let your hair air dry, do it. Your hair loves not being friend by a blow dryer.

Trim your hair. Don’t forget to trim your hair. I get you love your long locks, but trim them. You don’t have to take a ton off, just get rid of the ends.

If you take care of your hair it will be kind to you back. When your hair is at its best you feel more confident. Taking care of your hair might seem like a chore sometimes, but you know you hate it when you don’t. So treat your hair right, it’s the only head of hair you’ll get.