How To Be Eco Friendly When It Comes To Home DécorHow To Be Eco Friendly When It Comes To Home Décor

When it comes to a house, everyone wants to make sure there is a treat to look at, and whenever new people come over, they must praise the beauty of their house. However, you can indeed make a lovely house with many things, but most things also promote danger to the world's ecosystem. As a citizen of the global village nowadays people want to make sure whatever that doing is beneficial for themselves as well as the earth.

However, if you go and search for house decorations, all you see are things that are basically harmful to nature, and you do not want to contribute to that by buying those things. Now, this where it gets hard. You want a well decorative house; however, you want to make sure that the house is only made of eco-friendly stuff.

If you have a vision of an eco-friendly home but don't know how to achieve it? Well, we are here to solve that problem. We have assembled his article to help you gain that well-decorated eco-friendly home.

Buy used furniture

If you want an eco-friendly home might as well try to buy the already used and sustainable furniture. This will in reducing your carbon footprints. However, used old worn-out furniture may seem a bit off for a lot of people. Remember, you can DIY things and make them new. In the case of old wooden furniture, try to buy buying a can or organic polish to rejuvenate the furniture again. If the polish doesn't work, try coating the furniture with fresh colors. For your old furniture that you do not want to incorporate in your home, try donating them to people or some of your friends.

Used old compressed flowers as decoration

Why killing fresh flowers when you can compress old flowers and use them as decorations? Those flowers can go on walls, tables and can also be used as bookmarks. Pressed flowers can also act as a natural decorative wallpaper if you stick those on the wall as a basic decoration.

Create beautiful curtains at home

A lot of the time, when moving houses, we come across piles of old fabric with beautiful prints on them. You don't have to throw them now. You can piece clothes that you like a lot and then stitch them to give the feel of a quilt. The quilt type curtains will look ethnic as well as stylish.

Don't buy anything with leather on it.

Leather is hard to obtain and is mostly a product of animal cruelty, which is why it would be better if you don't in operate leather chairs or stools in your home's study room, halls, or even bedrooms. If you still want the look of those sleek leather chairs tries buying an old vintage chair from a thrift store. It would be easy on your pocket as well as effective.

Choose the right paint.

It is very important to work your way up while choosing a material that will be used to decorate and make the home, such as paint. Paint is what on the wall forever. So if you want eco friendly house make sure you paint doesn't have any harming chemical for safety of both piles of earth and you.

If your best-polished color is also good for the environment, try using the low VOC paints. Those paints have less usage of chemicals. This paint is light on the eyes and good for the environment as well you can choose whatever color you want to have on your walls.