How PCR Hemp Oil Can Reduce InflammationHow PCR Hemp Oil Can Reduce Inflammation

Hemp oil has been celebrated as a soothing remedy for a range of different ailments, from acne to hormone imbalances. Many passionately claim that its unique composition and set of properties have enhanced their health, and this is backed up in several studies.

You can take PCR hemp oil orally as a supplement, use externally on the skin, or simply add to salad dressings to boost nutritional content and give a rich, nutty flavour. This article will give you an overview of PCR hemp oil and how it can specifically help in reducing inflammation.

What is PCR hemp oil?

Before we get on to how PCR hemp oil can help soothe inflammation, we first need to understand just what it is. The “PCR” stands for Phyto Cannabinoid Rich, and is distinguishable from CBD (cannabidiol) oil in that it contains the entire spectrum of Phyto cannabinoids (except THC). This is an important distinction, as Phyto cannabinoids interact and yield far better results in unison than in isolation.

There are 113 cannabinoids naturally present in hemp, and CBD oil contains only one. While it is the most dominant, the other cannabinoids do have profound uses and unique properties as well. As with so many things that occur in nature, hemp possesses elements which are designed to work most effectively in conjunction with each other. A holistic approach to hemp oil, whereby the majority of cannabinoids are not discarded, is therefore optimal.

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a very common problem due to the wide variety of maladies and injuries which can cause it. If you damage a nerve, sprain your ankle or pull a muscle, your body will respond by becoming inflamed around the affected area. These kind of injuries usually cause what is termed acute inflammation, which occurs due to the reaction of the local immune cells. This can be uncomfortable and lead to your affected limb being out of action for a while.

Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is often caused by autoimmune diseases, whereby the body’s immune cells start to attack other cells in the body that they mistake for foreign or dangerous. Inflammation is often one of the most telling symptoms of an autoimmune disease.

Injuries and attacking of cells causes a great increase in the number of white blood cells in the affected area of your body. These white blood cells release a chemical which stimulates blood flow, causing swelling, redness and throbbing, and when entering tissue will stimulate nerves which can lead to pain and cause irritation

So, how exactly can PCR hemp oil help reduce inflammation?

PCR hemp oil can help with reducing inflammation and help you to cope with the associated discomfort and pain.

When ingested, PCR hemp oil can reduce the the perception of pain and increase feelings of relaxation and ease. The CBD in the oil acts on pathways of the brain and is able to bing to the TRPV1 receptor. This in turn decreases pain perception, reduces the bodies response of inflammation and can, additionally, stimulate the serotonin and dopamine pathways.

Studies have also found that cannabinoid receptors can play a positive role in helping regulate the immune system, and so can be useful particularly in helping those with chronic inflammation resulting from autoimmune diseases.

When applied topically, PCR hemp oil can also soothe the skin, helping to reduce irritation and heal any cracks on the outer layers of the skin.

The Bottom Line

The Phyto cannabinoids in PCR hemp oil can be effective in treating inflammation, but always talk with your doctor or medical practitioner to make sure you find the right combination of remedies to reduce and treat any inflammation you’re affected by.