How MonCouer is Making Fashion Stylish

The world of children’s fashion has been due for a shakeup for a long time. While there’s a greater and greater market for clothing that’s sustainable and an expanding market for children’s clothing that’s both stylish and comfortable, few brands manage the hat trick of getting all three right. But that’s not for a lack of trying. But a small upstart company named Mon Coeur could be changing the way we think about kids’ fashion.

Conscientiously Hip

There was a time when being impassively disinterested was seen as a positive trait, but the span between Generation X and Generation Z is an expansive gulf. Sustainability is in, and it will only become more prominent as this generation grows up. That’s likely to extend to fashion as well.

In fact, we’re already seeing some big name fashion houses start employing sustainable practices. Designers like Mara Hoffman and Eileen Fisher have already moved towards sustainable supply lines and products, and that’s a trend that’s only going to grow in the coming years.

Mon Coeur is ahead of the curve in the way it fuses sustainability with high fashion. The clothing they offer is diverse - covering everything from boys to girls to babies and with styles that are age appropriate while still letting a kid’s personality really shine. Originally founded in 2018, Mon Coeur had the advantage of coming into existence in a world where sustainability was already an issue, and by centering that sustainability on kids’ fashion, they’re setting the stage for a new generation that considers ecological sustainability as a normal part of everyday life.

Full Top-to-Bottom Sustainability

A lot of brands will boast their sustainability simply because they use naturally sourced fibers, but there’s a lot more to do if you really want to position yourself as a fully sustainable brand. Fortunately, Mon Coeur was built with principles of sustainability as a core value, and so they haven’t had to retrofit their supply line to fulfill their ideals. Sustainability is more than just PR. It’s part of the mission statement.

All the products in Mon Coeur are produced in Portland, and they make sure that the entirety of their fabrics and other materials are sourced throughout Europe to reduce the impact emissions have on their manufacture. That also ensures a transparent supply line where any issues with sustainability can be marked and dealt with quickly. The future of fashion is high tech, and Moncouer is employing some of the latest manufacturing technologies to create products that offer a strong sense of style while still sticking to those ecologically friendly standards.

Demystifying Organic Clothing

The American understanding of recycled goods can be a bit hesitant. There’s often the understanding that products that are recycled are somehow inferior in quality, but Moncouer is bucking that trend and making environmentalism cool again. The circular economy that Moncouer is employing now puts them head and shoulders above some of the bigger kids’ clothing manufacturers in the business. They’re proof that clothes can look cool, feel great, and still leave you with the feeling that you’re doing good.

And ultimately, that’s what style is all about. While fashion trends may come and go, their most valuable role is to serve as examples of how you can create your own sense of style. Mon Coeur isn’t going to make kids more fabulous overnight, but it will give them the tools they need to carve out their own sense of identity and help define what fashion is going to look like for the next generation. Hopefully, it will also help this next generation develop a more healthy relationship with the natural world we all depend on.