How do Face Rollers WorkHow do Face Rollers Work

As the name suggests, face rollers are designed to massage your face. Massaging your face comes with many benefits and doing it with a face roller delivers tons of health benefits to the skin. For instance, it improves blood circulation on the face, which can make your facial skin firmer and brighter. It also helps to reduce puffiness on the face by stimulating lymphatic drainage. Face rollers can also help to clear sinuses. When put in the refrigerator before use, it can have a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Using a face roller also ensures that skincare products that you apply on your face while using the face roller are evenly distributed. Now that you know what the face roller is, it’s important to know how they work and how to use them.

How to use Facial Rollers

It’s easy to use the face roller. However, you must dedicate some time to do it so that you can get the full benefits. The steps below highlight how to use a facial roller:

Apply a moisturizer, serum, or facial oil on the face to create a slippery feel. If you do not have enough or no lubrication, the facial roller can tug or pull at your skin, which may lead to wrinkles on the face.

Roll the facial roller upward from the neck. Make sure you roll up and not back and forth to achieve the best result.

Move from your jawline towards your ears on both sides with gentle pressure and continue the movement to your cheekbone.

Next, roll from your forehead to your temples in an upward motion using a gentle pull.

Horizontally roll the facial roller over your eyebrow a few times to create a relaxing effect.

That’s all it takes to use the facial roller. It’s safe to use the tool every day, and you only need a few minutes to complete the process after you’ve got the hang of it. According to a 2018 study, you can increase blood flow to your cheeks by using the facial roller to massage your face for five minutes. If you feel any pain or hurt, you should stop using the device.

How to Choose Face Rollers

There are different types of face rollers, and it can be difficult to make a choice. One of the most common stones on face rollers is jade. You can also find other stones on a facial roller, including obsidian, metal, rose, quartz, and amethyst. Metals and jade are cold materials naturally and don’t require that you store them in the refrigerator to achieve the cooling effect on your skin. The coldness of quartz lasts for one to two minutes after it has been placed in the refrigerator. This means if you want something colder and you want to use it for at least one minute, you should consider Rose quartz. Although jade is softer than rose quartz, it is not as smooth as the others. So, if you want additional friction for better contour, you may want to consider jade instead of other types of stones. Amethyst, on the other hand, is great for purifying the skin. If you have acne, you may want to consider choosing this option.


Face rollers have numerous benefits that make them a must-have in your beauty regimen tools. The benefits of facial massage can be directly associated with face rollers. So, the next time you are using a face roller to massage your face, know that you are enjoying all the benefits that come with facial massaging, including mood improvement, contouring, and slimming the face, and flushing out toxins from the face.