Gorgeous, Long Lasting Flowers for Any OccasionGorgeous, Long Lasting Flowers for Any Occasion

Sending flowers is a great way to show someone you care or you are thinking of them. The downside of fresh-cut flower bouquets is they generally do not last long. Shortly after receiving flowers, they begin to wilt and lose color. Venus Et Fleur has beautiful, perfectly preserved flowers that last a year! A year! When sending flowers you may wonder why do we send fresh-cut flowers in the first place? And what type of flowers should you send for each occasion?

The History of Sending Flowers

Flowers as gifts have long been a custom in many ancient civilizations like Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese. In many civilizations, flowers were not only decorative but also herbal remedies. During the Middle ages, certain flowers came to represent different messages from the sender to the receiver. Notes began to be added to provide an additional personal touch.

Floral arrangements as gifts came into social prevalence during the Victorian Era. It was customary to not verbalize your feelings and instead send particular flowers to express yourself. The type of flowers, size of arrangements, and even which hand you held the arrangement all came to symbolize particular feelings. Some of those customs still apply today like particular types of flowers and the colors of the flowers convey a message.

Types of Flowers for Every Occasion
1. Wedding Flowers

Flowers in weddings have become customary and perfect for adding a touch of color to the wedding party! Most weddings use flowers based on the season of their wedding. Red roses are traditionally used in weddings because they signify passionate love. Lilies, hydrangeas, and peonies are also common wedding flowers because they symbolize elegance, propensity, and joy.

2. Funeral/Sympathy

In the event of a death in the family or family illness, sending flowers is a thoughtful way to show you are with the receiver during a difficult time. Yellow daylilies are traditional flowers seen at funerals because they represent the soul leaving the body. Pink carnations, Chrysanthemums, and orchids are also common funeral flowers because they represent eternal love, the honor of life, and peacefulness.

3. Thank you

Sending flowers to say thank you is perfect after job interviews, for a work colleague, or a close friend. To say thank you, it is customary to send pale-colored flowers. Yellow, white, and pale pink are all appropriate flowers to say I appreciate you!

4. Mother’s day

One of the most popular days for florists is Mother’s day. What a better way to say to mom “I love you and appreciate you” then with a beautiful flower arrangement! Since Mother’s day falls in the month of May, pastel colors and spring flowers are common for this celebration of mom. Gerbera daisies, carnations, and tulips are great for mom because they signify cheerfulness, love, and admiration. You can never go wrong sending mom her favorite flowers on her special day!

5. Valentine’s Day

Another popular holiday for flowers is the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day! Red is typical for representing love, but purple, pink, and white are other suitable colors to express love. Roses in any color are traditional for Valentine’s day, but any flower in the colors above is perfect for this holiday. Pro tip: Be sure to avoid yellow flowers on Valentine’s Day. It presents friendship and can send the wrong message on this holiday.

6. Congratulatory Events

Proms, job promotions, and graduations are all life events worth celebrating with flowers! Irises, Dahlias, and Orchids are perfect for congratulatory events because they symbolize valor, beauty, and excitement.

Flowers have become a cultural symbol to show someone you care through all life throws at us, good or bad. A small gesture of flowers can go a long way!