Get Your White Wine Fix without Breaking Your DietGet Your White Wine Fix without Breaking Your Diet

Breaking a habit even when you are on a diet can be difficult. For instance, if you love your coffee loaded with sugar first thing in the morning to get your energy boosted, cutting it out may be the hardest thing to do. The same goes for wines. If you love to have a glass or two with your meals or just sip on it while watching your favorite show, giving up on it can be overwhelming.

Well, what if you do not have to give up on wines to maintain your diet? With numerous options of wines available, you can surely enjoy a glass of wine without breaking your diet. In this post, we will focus specifically on white wines. So, how can you get your white wine fix without ruining your diet?

· Set a Limit

You have probably come across blogs that tell you the specific quantity of wine to consume when you are on a diet. If you have tried to follow this rule, then you have probably cheated severally. To enjoy your wine and still maintain your diet, you have to set the limit yourself.

You know your health goals. Therefore, you should set your calorie and carbs budget. How many ounces of wine will your diet allow? When you have a clear-cut quantity that you can take per day, it becomes easier to sustain your wine-drinking habit without breaking your diet. Moreover, you can opt for the lowest carb white wine in the market.

· Pay Attention at the Bar

Some bars serve up to eight ounces of wine per glass. This means that you are having two when you think you are having just one glass of wine. Therefore, pay attention when you are being served a drink. Try to measure the quantity you have been served by ounces.

Based on this, estimate the number of calories in your glass and if you are not sure of how to measure ounces, you may want to ask the bartender or waiter to know how many ounces they serve per glass. For every ounce you consume, estimate that you are downing 25 calories. This should keep you in check.

· Know the Calorie Content of Your Wine

There are different types of wines and each of them has different caloric content. Wines with the highest calories usually have very high alcohol content. White wine, for example, has up to 170 calories per four-ounce serving. Some other sweet wines can load up to 300 calories per serving.

To avoid breaking your diet, you should consider paying attention to the caloric content of your drink. With this, you can enjoy your wine fix without any guilt.

· Pair Your White Wine with Healthier Options

When drinking your favorite wine, it is normal to pair it with some side dishes, such as cheeses, dried fruits, and nuts. These add more calories and sugar to your consumption. For instance, a serving of cheese has about 650 calories. This alone is enough to through your diet off balance.

So, instead of settling for cheese and wine, you can pair your wine with healthier options, such as fresh fruits, popcorn, sorbet, roasted chickpeas, and peppered turkey jerky, among others.

· Burn the Carbs Off

It may be impossible to maintain a strict diet and wine portion. However, there is always a way around getting rid of the extra carbs and calories. Burn them off through exercise. With regular workouts, you can keep the weight off while enjoying your favorite wine.


You can maintain your diet and still enjoy a glass of white wine. If for anything, wine is great for blood circulation. It is also a great stress-reliever. So, if you need to justify the reason why you should take a glass of wine, there you have it right there. However, you should avoid indulging as this can through your diet out of the window.