Find out How Long Toothpaste LastsFind out How Long Toothpaste Lasts

Finding your teeth healthy every time is an uphill task as it needs to have proper hygiene practices. In that sense, the use of good toothpaste may help anyway. If you're using toothpaste, it doesn't mean it will help you make your teeth healthy at any cost.

Choosing the best toothpaste for yourself is in itself isn't everyone's cup of tea. Sometimes, you may come across a situation where you're using toothpaste and not benefiting from it anymore. There're high chances your toothpaste has been expired. Although it's not recommended to use out-of-date toothpaste, there're no hazardous effects anyhow.

You may be wondering with a couple of questions related to toothpaste as follow:

a. Does toothpaste expire?

b. How long toothpaste last?

Well, as far as toothpaste expiry is concerned, it expires after two years because each toothpaste consists of fluoride to enhance enamel capability within your mouth. Fluoride reduces its ability with time to fight against bacteria and acid keeping teeth clean.

Fluoride keeps your teeth healthy and clean to resist again acid and bacteria that may cause teeth decay or rot. This is why it's necessary to use toothpaste for a healthy and confident smile.

If you don't provide sources to abstain from loss of enamel, then it may be lost, and enamel's absence makes sure cavities and plaque buildup. Above all, once enamel breaks down, you cannot get it back.

According to the FDA, there must be an expiry date on all foods and medicines to ensure the full quality time and performance for what they have been used. The same goes with toothpaste as per FDA recommendation. Fluoride is a kind of drug; after a certain level, your toothpaste must have an expiry date.

On average, any good toothpaste has two years to be used within; will thrown it off otherwise.

ADA also sets some standards and scales when it comes to dental practices. Toothpaste standards show that it has an expiry date of 2 years from the date made it.

Toothpaste companies print expiry dates to make people aware of their original time of usage. Even if kids' toothpaste doesn't include fluoride, the toothpaste brands print the tube’s expiry date.

Here a question arises: What are the primary signs of expired toothpaste apart from the company's date printed on the tube by the company.

You can use it for multiple purposes as follows:

The ingredients seem to be separated

Bacterial growth is completely visible

Change in color

Changing in texture i.e. thick or dried off

The primary purpose of using toothpaste is to keep your teeth clean to avoid any rusting. If toothpaste doesn't serve the goal, then why use it.

You've indicated that your toothpaste is out-of-date; now, what to do with this expired toothpaste. Whether to use it or just throw it off.

Well, if your toothpaste has been expired and cannot be used for oral purposes anymore, you don't need to just waste it in a bin.

There are various options are still there apart from cleaning your teeth only.

You can use it in cleaning the washroom sink (it will remove all stains and waste material stuck at the sink surface, no doubt)

You can polish metal using expired toothpaste.

The iron surface can be cleaned by removing all rusting material over there.

If crayon marks are there on the walls, better to use this expired toothpaste in removing it.

Now, the queries related to using expired toothpaste and toothpaste expiry have been discussed. Use for several purposes (above-mentioned) once your toothpaste expired.