Everything You Need to Know When Planning a Bachelorette PartyEverything You Need to Know When Planning a Bachelorette Party

Planning your wedding can be stressful enough, so the first thing you need to know when planning a bachelorette party is to have fun! This party should be a celebration of all the hard work that’s been put into coordinating the most important day for a bride, so you’ll want to make sure it’s relaxing, entertaining, or both! Themes, location, guest list, and props will all make the evening one the bride won’t forget. Venus Et Fleur can provide any custom floral arrangements you might need. Here’s a list to help you get all the other info before you start planning the bachelorette party of your bride’s dreams.

1. Talk to the Couple

Don’t start planning anything unless you’ve spoken with at least the Bride herself, but of course, making Fiance’ feel included will avoid any troubled waters. Something he/she can sign off on gives you the freedom to get started and go wild with any ideas rather than putting too much energy towards something they’re going to hate. Here are some great questions to ask them before you start anything

Should There Be alcohol?

Some couples might want to avoid any alcohol consumption before their big day. Others welcome the idea so long as it isn’t the cheap stuff that will leave you bedridden in the morning. Try providing a mezcal or Bev sugar free wine. It’s important to be thoughtful before providing any alcoholic beverages. After all, the Bride and her friends deserve only the best.

Are There Dietary Restrictions?

Some couples avoid red meats, are gluten-free, prefer no shellfish, or have allergies to dairy. It’s crucial you take into consideration the bride’s dietary restrictions before planning a night of her pure relaxation. You don’t want to end up in the ER for anything careless. If she gives the okay, then planning a cooler full of finger foods for the limo to accompany any beverages is a must for in-between stops. Something like gluten-free crackers and Imperia caviar might be the perfect treat with a glass of champagne that sets the tone for a luxurious evening that is all about the girls.

Do We Need NDAs?

Providing non-disclosure agreements to sign can be a joke, but what isn’t is having the bride seen all over social media having too many drinks that maybe she wouldn’t want her boss or co-workers to see. Just ask the bride how much of what the night’s festivities entail does she want to be filmed or photographed, if any at all. Are cameras allowed? Before the bridal party and friends venture out, provide pre-party goodie bags with items like holistic period-care from Rael, or little things like pimple patches so everyone is selfie-ready.

2. Who’s Who?

Speaking of NDAs, confirm the guest list with the bride. You don’t want to invite the cranky aunt, the friend that’s dating her ex, or the prude granny who will faint at the sight of a genital lollipop. Get the guest list ready, and check it twice. Create invitations that are discrete and personal, and make sure you’re on top of the RSVPs. Headcounts are important for party destinations, table reservations, and party bus capacities. Here are some great items to have ready after you’ve confirmed who’s coming!


Keep the good times rolling! You want the bride and her guests to keep the energy high throughout the night, and one-hit wonders, radio hits, or the best rap albums of all time are the perfect playlists to have everyone dancing all night long. There’s getting dressed, transportation, and bathroom breaks; all that could use a soundtrack along the way to keep the party vibes going.

Emergency Beauty Kits

The bride, her party, and close friends might get carried away to forget they all need to stay looking their best so any photos taken won’t be regretted the next day, because an eyelash was missing or a nail broke. Stash a few makeup pallets with different eye makeup looks in everyone’s purses before the big night begins. While everyone’s getting dressed, have nail tips and hair care products available in a group text or plan a salon day the morning of. Use your budget to determine if you’d rather provide the info, the products, or the service, and don’t forget tiaras, feather boas, and a custom sash.

Text Alerts!

Keep everyone updated at all times about everything and communicate obsessively, not only with the bridal party and friends, but with the restaurants, bars, drivers, and anyone else involved too. Make sure everything goes according to plan as much as possible, so that if anything goes wrong, you have plenty of time for backups. Send discount codes for anything party-related, keep everyone in the loop of times to meet, when, and where, and forward any fun beauty tips along the way.

3. Be Prepared!

The after-party is just as important as the festivities themselves. You need to know what to do once the bachelorette party's over just as much as what to do to plan one. By now you’ve gotten to know the bride, her partner, her guests, her favorite things to do, products to wear, and how she prefers the evening to go. You should have a list of locations and reservations secured, and some backup options in place in case anything or anyone cancels. Now, get to know how everyone would like to unwind after a long night of dancing, music, and fun. Where does the party end? Tap into your budget as much as you keep everyone informed so you can provide all of the perks along the way. Here’s what you need for your bride and her party to wake up and feel as though nothing crazy went on the night before.

Post-spa Treatment

Getting ready for bed only to wake up and face the most important day of your life is just as important as getting ready to go out with a bang amongst your best girlfriends. You can use essential oils for mood enhancements, relaxing body rubs, or post-party face washes. Add a couple of drops from a Bubbly Belle essential oil collection to your candles and drift into a much-needed rest.

Netflix & Chill

Throw on your pajamas, stream romantic comedy specials, and drop some CBD oil into everyone’s cup of tea from Opta Naturals to remove any anxiety or nerves keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep. Everyone should be in a state of calm and leave any doubts or second-guessing at the door. Everything has been leading up to this moment, and thanks to you, your bride is ready for her big day. The bachelorette party is not about the gifts, but the perfect gifts for the bride and her tribe are silk sleep sets so everyone can look forward to having to end the night.

From Bachelorette Party to Wedding Day

Don’t forget to keep the groom included without pestering him with details. Just reassure them his or her bride will be honored and celebrated with all things considered. Find out all of her preferences and pet peeves before you plan out the big party. Make sure the guest list is approved, the food and beverages won’t cause any harm, and the activities are signed off on as an enjoyable experience for specifically the bride. Keep a group text or email chain going so everyone stays informed of any changes, tips, or discounts. Most importantly, have fun!