Everything good you need to know about upcoming winter fashion trendsEverything good you need to know about upcoming winter fashion trends


Summer is nearing its end, and it is time to pull out the suitcases full of your fall and winter clothes. While some consider the colder months to be rather depressing, we cannot get enough of them. There is something so oddly comforting about the chilly breeze kissing your cheeks so slightly and the warmth of a scarf around your neck – winter is a truly magical time.

This past year has been challenging; most of us have spent our days working from home in our PJs. But then the world does not really ever stop, does it? Much like last year, despite the COVID crisis, the runways did not disappoint this year as well. We have compiled a list of 8 hot and upcoming winter fashion trends. Let us walk you through them.

1. Revival of the '90s

'90s fashion is back, and it is here to stay. People have been warming up to the old trends by curating 90s inspired outfits. This year, the '90s trend goes one step further and snags the spotlight. The coming winter and fall seasons are all about head to toe in '90s pieces. Think cropped cardigans, chunky sneakers, baguette bags, chunky colored sunglasses, sheath dresses, skater jeans, overalls – the list goes on and on. If you loved '90s fashion, this is your chance to relive the good old days. If you are looking for inspiration, just switch on an episode of Friends, and you will know exactly how to style your ensemble.

2. Saturated colors

Fall colors usually lean on the deeper and earthy side of the spectrum. From burgundies to khakis, the fall and winter color palette is regal, to say the least. This year, however, things are a little different because, in addition to the classic fall and winter tones, we will see many saturated colors around us. Think jewel tones like deep red, magenta, emerald green, navy blue, deep mustard yellow, and more, except deeper and richer. What makes these tones particularly spectacular is their striking yet subtle outlook. While it may seem difficult to style them initially, it is a good idea to experiment with unexpected color combos as they always seem to work. If you have vibrant pieces like a red leather jacket or a green pair of palazzo pants, now is the time to pull them out of storage and rock them with confidence.

3. Loose-fit denim

Skinny jeans revolutionized the fashion game, but their reign must end like all good things in life. Do not be mistaken; skinny jeans are still very much present, but they are not as popular or trending. This year, the trend is focused on loose-fit denim. Straight-cut, boot-cut, boyfriend, flared, mom jeans; all the baggy fits are hot and trending. When styling them, it is best to pair them with something form-fitting and chic to make your ensemble appear more structured and balanced. Baggy-fit denim may seem a bit much to some people, but it is supremely comfy. Remember the days when you couldn't breathe in your skinny jeans? Well, those days are gone. Enjoy all the bread you can, thanks to your baggy denim jeans.

4. Sweater vests

Sweater vests are cool now, and we are beyond grateful because sweater vests are fantastic. They are warm, cozy, and chic, but the best part about them is that they are light and easy to wear. You can sport them over a tee or a button-down shirt, layer it under a blazer or a coat, or wear it with a dress even; sweater vests are very versatile. You can opt for something plain monochrome, perhaps one with some print detailing and texture, or something in a different fit; that's the thing about sweater vests; you can make them work in so many ways.

5. Printed pants

Pants can be fun too. Tops get all the limelight, but if you want to make your outfits more interesting and certainly more fashionable, experiment with different types of pants. This year is all about printed pants. Be it crazy snake prints, zebra stripes, checkerboard, floral prints, or geometric patterns, printed pants are all the rage right now. You can experiment with different fabrics, textures, and fits depending on your body shape and preference. Style them with different pieces; we say the crazier, the better.

6. Puffy handbags

Puffy, quilted handbags have successfully made their way on all of our collective Instagram feeds this year, which explains their popularity. Puffy bags are chic and elegant yet spacious and versatile. You can wear them with just about anything, and you can house all your belongings in one place – fashionable and functional.

7. Lavender

The fall season is all about rich earthy hues. While the lighter hues are generally reserved for the warmer months, this year, aside from the classic tones, pastels are also quite in, particularly lavender. Lavender is stunning. There is something about that color that just makes everything appear better. Lavender is the pastel pick of the season, and if you have been considering investing in a lavender piece, now is the perfect time to do so. Whether it is a pantsuit, a top, a dress, or a coat, lavender never fails to impress.

8. Sequins and sparkles

Sparkles scream fun. There is something so inherently attractive about sparkles that we just cannot seem to get enough of them. They glimmer when even the faintest bit of light strikes them, and I guess that excites the child inside all of us. Fortunately, the odds are in our favor, and sparkles and sequins are in. A sequined jacket, a tube top, sequined detailing on a jacket; you name it. While some may think that sequins can be restricting styling, we believe that quantity plays a significant role here. You can easily sport a dress with a sprinkling of sequins on a casual day. In contrast, you may consider sporting something more extra for formal gatherings, like a sequined jacket, shoes, etc. Assess your setting and dress accordingly if you are concerned. If you ask us, the world is just better with more sequins and sprinkles.

- Parting thoughts

So there you have it: our top 8 seasonal trend picks. While trends are fun and exciting, it is essential to remind yourself that style is subjective, and you can always make fashion what you want it to be. Never shy away from bringing your own flavor to something, and have fun experimenting.