Christmas Ties Every Man Will LoveChristmas Ties Every Man Will Love

In some parts of the world, the ugly Christmas sweater has become a tradition as standard as Santa Claus and the Christmas tree, but there are less ostentatious and less aggressively ugly ways to show off your sense of Christmas spirit without throwing off the mood of the room. Any man with a sense of joy will love these mens Christmas ties.

Peppy Solids

A man who doesn’t like red is going to see his wardrobe options significantly limited. By the same token, a vibrant red tie is going to get versatile performance in a variety of different outfits. Seen as a color of power and strength, it’s as equally suited for the board room as it is at the Christmas party. This is a tie that can adapt to practically any environment and is probably already in your closet for just that reason.

Green doesn’t get quite as much action in everyday usage, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be reserved solely for Christmas. Green ties can be a great choice for Saint Patrick’s Day obviously, but they can blend really well with more unconventional suit choices that veer away from standard blacks and grays.


Stripes are as much a component of professional dress lexicon as solids, so they’re another safe bet for wearing festive ties around the office. And unlike solids - where you can only choose the color and hue of the tie - they give men a lot more flexibility to find a style that’s right for them. That variety makes them an easy choice for just about any man.

You’ll generally want to stick with an angled pattern for some level of subtlety, but Christmas-themed stripes are available in regimental, university, and repp styles. Red, green, and white are the most obvious mixtures of colors used in these ties, but you can also combine any of those colors with gold or a variety of other colors for a distinct but still seasonal flair.

This is another situation where you don’t have to hang your tie back up when the season’s over. Stripes of this variety dominate colleges and offices throughout the world - and even if you don’t have a striped tie with Christmas coloring, it can be a valuable year-round addition to your closet space.

Incognito Holiday Ties

Want to play it safe but still show off your inner Santa Claus? There are a ton of ties out there that hide the holiday spirit in plain sight. Look for ties with pin dots, polka dots, or other recurring patterns. The practically hypnotic recursion of these patterns means that people looking at the tie will glance at the overall shape of it without looking too closely. It’s only when you focus your attention on the pattern that you see the seasonal details.

Tacky Ties

There’s a sort of elegance to tackiness. Being willing to wear something outside of the norm - and potentially embarrassing - is a demonstration of confidence. Fortunately, there are a whole lot of options to choose from. Red, gold, white, and green still dominate, but you’ll see a wider variety of different colors and recurring patterns than with solids and stripes.

Any man will love this type of tie because there’s practically a tie made for everyone. Some are showpieces with simple text and a picture on them. Others are functionally similar to incognito holiday ties but are simply too loud or ridiculous to not be noticed at first glance. The tacky tie may be off limits if you find yourself in a more formal gathering, but every man should have one set aside for celebrations during the holidays.