CBD for HairCBD for Hair

For most of us, the circle of life lapses between stressful hair loss and stress that triggers further hair loss. Hair issues have been one of the greatest worries of people across the world, and only a few remedies have helped. There are so many choices to try from tonics to hair transplantation therapies, but few of them produce good outcomes. Could that mean you're already watching your hair disappear into the bathroom drain? The conclusion is no and the cure could be sought in cannabis.

Recently, cannabis and its elements, most prominently CBG and a variety of other endocannabinoids, have been ingredients of interest to nearly any industry you might think of. Apart from the amazing medicinal effects of treating chronic illnesses, the plant's constituents are very able to cope with daily issues, such as those of the scalp. Easy at-home treatments with CBD oil infusion magic will give you luscious and gorgeous hair in no time.

What's CBD oil?

CBD also referred to as cannabidiol, is one of the 104 chemical compounds present in marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the predominant psychoactive drug present in cannabis, but unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive.

CBD and Hair Growth

Hair fall becomes a concern when your hair doesn't grow back at the same rate that you're losing, causing thinning and bald spots. Several factors can limit your hair growth, such as lack of nutrients, dandruff, or chemical deposits. Fighting hair loss, as such, includes an ingredient that can work on these underlying causes to promote hair growth. Many people dream of enjoying thick, lustrous hair, and it may be possible to use CBD oil with your daily hair care regimen. CBD oil is brimming with the goodness of omega fatty acids that seal the moisture in the hair and nourish the cuticles. Massaging the scalp with oil soothes the dryness of the scalp by absorbing nutrients and promotes hair growth, according to a recent report on inhibition of human hair follicle growth by endo-and endocannabinoids.

Today, the trendy element is starting to appear in a whole new category of beauty: hair.

CBD shampoos, conditioners, and serums are here, but are they really working? While few studies have been performed, the same principle behind common skincare products is believed to apply to formulas applied to the scalp. Research and anecdotal reports support the alleged anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, indicating that it may solve topical irritation.

What doctors say

After all, doctors advise customers that they are aware shoppers when they are trying to invest in a CBD hair product because there is always the risk of being scammed into something that can't provide real benefits. Many items prefer to be sold under the umbrella of cannabis, even those based on hemp seed oil, so you may see a cannabis plant on the bottle, but this does not necessarily mean that it contains CBD. These products do not have the same anti-inflammatory effects as CBD, but they do contain essential fatty acids that can nourish and moisturize hair and scalp.

Prevents Hair Damage and Splitting

Ambient air pollution, ozone, and UV radiation destroy the very building blocks of your hair and your skin. Over time, the hair loses its charm and begins to look dull and lifeless. Environmental influences combined with poor lifestyle choices can have an intense effect on the overall health of your hair. Styling tools and materials further harm the integrity of your hair follicles, leaving them weakened and fragile. CBD oil is one of the best ways to fix damaged hair and preserve its appearance. It has strong moisturizing properties that can help to treat dry and lifeless hair, smoothing texture and providing a better appearance. CBD oil also works on the scalp to clean up chemical deposits that could keep hair from developing properly. Strengthens roots by providing the required nutrients such as calcium and iron, for healthy hair growth. Oil antioxidants can help protect the oil from environmental damage and repair the breakage.

Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash