Card Wallets Are the Future - Here Is WhyCard Wallets Are the Future - Here Is Why

What Are Card Wallets?

Simply put, a card wallet is simply a wallet that is designed to primarily hold cards. Card wallets are often characterized by a slim design and a minimalistic, sleek look. In today's world, there is less and less need for carrying around large sums of cash or coins. In all developed countries, debit or credit cards have become the primary way to pay for stuff.

Old wallets that are designed to carry large amounts of cash and coin are quickly becoming a thing of the past. After all, why would you want to carry around a large, bulky wallet full of things that you do not need when you could carry a slim wallet with all the essentials in your front pocket?

On the topic of pockets, it is nearly impossible to fit a bulky wallet inside your front pocket or one of those fashionable small bags that most women carry around nowadays.

Why You Need a Card Wallet When Going out

If you are still not convinced that card wallets are superior to traditional wallets, consider this: when did you actually need that receipt for the hairdryer you bought two years ago but still carry around inside your wallet? Or maybe it's not a random receipt that you carry around. Perhaps it's a library card from your university days?

Whatever the case may be, chances are you have at least something that you do not need inside your wallet right now. A card wallet will inherently force you to be more deliberate with what you carry around yourself at all times.

Most card wallets are designed to be minimalistic and to help you focus on the important things in life. Also, in case you need to carry around a lot of cards (ten or more) for whatever reason, there are card wallets that let you do that. And they still take up significantly less space than a traditional wallet.

The Downsides of Card Wallets

The biggest downside of card wallets is the "cargo space". In other words, card wallets are designed to be compact, not spacious. Card wallets can fit significantly fewer items and, as the name suggests, mostly focus on carrying cards. This means that you may have limited space for storing banknotes.

Even worse, very few card wallets have a coin purse. Even if you do not typically carry around coins inside your wallets, pockets, or bags, you will still get some coins as change whenever you use cash instead of a credit card.

Nonetheless, this does not mean that all card wallets are the same. Some do have coin purses with zippers that allow you to carry around some coins. If you do not mind carrying coins in your pockets or inside your car, then this is not a problem. But if you do, always check if a card wallet has a coin purse.

Materials Used for Card Wallets

Traditional wallets are usually made of genuine or PU leather, canvas, or a combination of other different materials. Here is where the card wallet has the upper hand, though. You have probably encountered card wallets that are made of metal or plastic.

Card wallets do not have to be made of soft material that bends, but they can be. Unlike traditional wallets, card wallets can be made of almost any material. It can be genuine leather, PU leather, Alcantara, textile, metal, carbon fiber, plastic, canvas, etc.

Card Wallets Are More Practical

To conclude, card wallets can be made out of different materials, have a smaller footprint, and look more fashionable compared to a traditional wallet. If you do not need to have a spacious wallet, you can probably do just fine with a minimalist card wallet.