BIG BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL; Style Tips for Plus-Size DivasBIG BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL; Style Tips for Plus-Size Divas

Gone are the days when full-figured women took the back seat on fashion. Today, this gorgeous breed of women is at the front and center of the style game, attracting the damn-you-look-so-good stares and racking up "style " points.

But it's not all super easy "glam and shine" as the media would have you believe. Being a plus-sized fashionably fabulous diva takes a bit of effort — specifically; style tips, tricks, and strategy. But don't look so glum, your fashion game is about to go through the roof in 3...2...1... Just follow these tips and voila; a style icon is born!

#1. Key in on Your Silhouette

First of all, Plus-Size is not a body shape! Surprised? Don't be. There are several body shapes for every body type, and for full-figured women, these are but not limited to; triangle or pear, inverted triangle, Oval or apple, diamond, hourglass, rectangle, or banana, and the classic figure 8. So, what has your shape got to do with your sense of style? Everything!!

For starters, knowing your body shape is the key to getting your style right. Once you know where your silhouette lies, you can dress to properly compliment your body's anatomy. Take for instance, an empire lined dress will look amazeballs on a pearl-shaped diva. An apple-shaped woman, on the other hand, will appear less than gorgeous in the same dress. So, know your silhouette and get your style right.

#2. Dare to be Bold

By bold, we mean patterns, stripes, and prints of varying shapes and colors. There is nothing that screams "confident" better than a boldly patterned outfit in an eye-catching color. But be careful not to overdo it. A rule of thumb is to wear these eclectic but stylish pieces on the part of your body you want to draw attention to and not on parts you'd rather conceal. In other words, moderation is the keyword here.

#3. Bags and Shoes are a Must-Wear

Good complimentary bags and shoes can be game-changers. But on one condition — you have to get it right! Pocket size bags, for instance, are usually a no-no, but structured medium-sized bags are a delight.

Also, your outfit is never complete without the right pair of shoes; a golden rule is to avoid the strapped ones which can take inches off your legs. Instead, stick to pumps or fabulous footwear that define your legs better.

#4. Bespoke Over Prêt-à-porter

This cannot be overemphasized! It is no secret that plus-size fitting and sizing is always a hassle. But you can side-step the "discommode" by opting for tailored or made-to-measure outfits that are specifically designed to suit your body silhouette as opposed to ready to wear outfits — that may be shapeless and not to your taste.

#5. Belt It

Want a snatched waist? Belt it. Want a slimmer look? Again, belt it. Simply put, waist belts can work wonders for your overall look. They can accentuate your waistline, compress your tummy or conceal misplaced fabric folds from public view. Hence, it’s a great idea to have a belt in your wardrobe or on your outfit.

#6. Switch it up with Fashionable Accessories

Never underestimate the power of stunning accessories. Fashionable jewelry like statement necklaces and earrings, colored scarves, stockings, gloves, and hats can redefine your look and give you an extra edge. Accessories are the magic you need to switch from "basic" to "drop-dead-gorgeous." But don't overkill — learn to accessorize strategically. For instance, a vintage scarf works better with minimalist earrings than with chunky ones, and stockings are better off with heels or boots.

#7. Your Hair Speaks Volumes

You know those days when your ensemble is nothing short of glamorous but still feels incomplete? It's your hair talking. Your hair can make all the difference to your style; Get it right, and your style will make a statement, get it wrong, and your style will be missing a "crown." Colored hairs, wigs, hair extensions, cornrows, braids— name it! Good hair can take your final look to the next level.

#8. Colors are Everything and More

Colorful plus-sized outfits aren't just aesthetically pleasing, but they are also the ultimate confidence and mood boosters! Colors like red can inspire feelings of power and confidence, blue exudes calm, and serenity, and nothing says bright and cheerful like yellow. So always add a dash of color to your outfit for that "spirited" effect.

# 9. Be Inspired

Let's face it; there are times you just want to flush your wardrobe and everything that comes with it down the drain because your confidence has suffered major drawbacks. However, looking up to full-figured style icons who share the same body anatomy as you can fuel your confidence and style drive.

That being said, there are tons of gorgeous plus-sized women who are winning the style game in all ramifications. Simply find your own style diva and turn to her Instagram page, vlog, or blog for all the inspiration there is — You will be surprised at your own progress.


Being plus-sized or full-figured does not automatically equate to being at the bottom of the style ladder. You can effortlessly look stylish, smoking hot, stunning, ravishing, and all the other adjectives for fashionably beautiful by knowing exactly what to wear and how to style your look to perfection. Ultimately, adopting these style tips is your ticket to achieving an eternal vogue-worthy personal style. Hard to believe? Give it a try!

Photo by Melody Jacob on Unsplash