Beyond Caffeine: How To Stay Energized

Coffee is sometimes treated as a modern wonder drug for dealing with listlessness and fatigue, but it still comes with a serious list of negative side effects. While coffee can be great for a quick burst of energy, it can actually have a negative impact on your sleep cycle over time and come with both jitters and a fatigue crash. But there are plenty of ways to stay energized without having to rely - or at least rely solely - on the caffeine rush that coffee offers.

Strategic Napping

Seven to eight hours of sleep a day is the ideal amount for most people, but topping off your regular sleep cycle with a daily nap can give you a real jolt of energy through the rest of the day. Take a nap roughly six to seven hours before you go to sleep to prevent it having a negative impact on your existing sleep rhythm, but you’ll also want to keep your naps short. A nap between five minutes and a half hour can offer improvements to your alertness and cognition without resulting in the grogginess that comes with longer naps.

Staying Fueled

Maintaining a well-balanced diet can have a sweeping effect on your overall health, but it can especially be valuable if you find yourself feeling sluggish during the workday. You’ll get the most bang for your buck by focusing on a healthy breakfast. Protein-rich ingredients like meats, yogurt, berries, and eggs can all provide you with the healthy fuel you need to get going - but if you find yourself lagging throughout the day, you can also rely on protein-rich snacks. You should also look at snacks that are high in iron as iron deficiency is one of the most common causes for fatigue.

Lifting Your Mood

Our activity levels and health are closely related, and a boost to your endorphin and serotonin levels can help you stay more engaged throughout the day. In other words, taking a break from work to indulge in a little fun can actually make you a better worker. Videos of cute kittens and puppies are demonstrated to lift both the mood and the energy levels of most workers, but finding and indulging whatever your zen is can help you maintain your energy throughout the course of the entire work day.

Breathe in Deep

While it may sound silly, the way you breathe can actually have a pretty big impact on your health - and your energy levels specifically. A good, deep breath better regulates oxygen to the rest of your body, and that keeps you more alert and wakeful. As an added bonus, deep breathing exercises can reduce your anxiety levels - allowing you to focus more easily and boost your immune system. But breathing exercises show the best benefits when practiced regularly, so it’s of your benefit to make them part of your daily habits.

Alternatives to Coffee

Caffeine has both positive and negative side effects, and an alternative to coffee can provide you with a caffeine boost that’s supplemented with other mood boosting ingredients. A coffee alternative like MUD\WTR includes a fraction of the caffeine but also includes herbs like masala chai, cinnamon, and cacao which offer their own wealth of health boosts. That’s just scratching the surface of what’s available. Teas like matcha and yerba mate can offer a similarly herbal solution that makes use of more modest portions of caffeine along with other supplements.

You don’t need to cut coffee from your life, but creating a more balanced approach to staying active can pay dividends in the long term. We highly suggest that you fold some of these activities into your daily routine. You’ll see a boost to your energy but also a potential rise in your overall health and happiness.