Athleisure Wear Your Man Will LoveAthleisure Wear Your Man Will Love

Dressing comfortably and stylish at the same time has always been thought to be impossible. Some years ago, sharp/tailored suits were considered premium outfits. Today, the trend is changing. Thanks to the Athleisure trend and sports luxe styles, men can now dress down without taking the edge of class and style off their outfits.

Men's athleisure makes it easy to achieve a trendy look that generates cool vibes effortlessly. From a bomber jacket to a pair of white trainers, your man can achieve the perfect style that he will love. So, are you thinking of a surprise gift for your man? Men’s athleisure is an excellent gift idea that your man will love.

What is Athleisure?

To be honest, a lot of men have no idea of what athleisure means. For many men, it is only wearing your favorite gym clothes out for lunch. Well, the concept is more sophisticated than wearing gym wear. Athleisure combines sportswear and style.

These fashion pieces are perfect for busy gentlemen who need to stay comfortable while looking stylish at the same time while on-the-go. It is all about combining functionality and practicality. When you think of athleisure, think of top-quality fabrics with sportswear fastenings and athletic details paired with casual weekend essentials, such as coats, T-shirts, denim, and chinos.

What Makes Up Athleisure Wear

Pairing a sneaker with denim or chinos is not the complete package for athleisure wear. More pieces add up to make an exquisite styling. Casual trousers, polo shirts, bomber jackets, sports-inspired bags, and crew-neck sweaters are all perfect essentials to pull off the athleisure style. If you think of a trendy piece to get for your man, here are some options to consider.

· Casual Trousers

To rock the athleisure style, casual trouser comes top among the options to consider. For a formal weekend event, pairing casual trousers with a polo shirt and trainers or sneakers creates a perfect sports luxe look. The great thing is that you can achieve this effortlessly. You can choose between sports-inspired jogger pants and casual chinos to complete the killer look.

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts have continued to revolutionize the world of sportswear and fashion. It adds a touch of elegance to your entire look and gives you the best comfort that will take you all through the day.

This timeless piece offers exceptional benefits that make it one of the best athleisure pieces that a man can have in his wardrobe. Pairing a polo shirt with jeans or chinos will achieve a casual style for a day out. You can also pair it with a relaxed suit and sneakers for a stylish casual evening.

Bomber Jacket

There is no better way to get an athleisure feel than throwing on a bomber jacket. The exciting thing is that there are varieties of options to explore. They range from the more traditional choice of chic suede bomber jackets to the bonded jersey and neoprene. They complement practically any casual outfit.

Crew Neck Sweaters and Jumpers

Crew-neck jumpers are staple clothing for sports enthusiasts and training athletes. The world of fashion has embraced this, and more of it is being incorporated to create a sporty style. Crew-neck sweaters come with a close-fitting round neckline, and they make for a comfortable and practical outfit any time of the day. When paired with jeans or joggers and sneakers, a man can achieve a stylish and elegant look without trying too much.


There are numerous options of athleisure wear to explore. You can be sure to find the perfect piece that your man will love to have in his outfit collection.