All the Reasons You Need a Smart WalletAll the Reasons You Need a Smart Wallet

A smart wallet is more than the conventional plain old leather purse that you put wads of bills. This unique piece of technology is labeled ‘smart’ for a variety of reasons. One of these is its minimalist size. Despite its size, it can hold your cards and keep them from breaking or bending. It also has Bluetooth and GPS technology to help you track its location in case it gets missing. That’s not all there is to the smart wallets. Others include automatic wallets, RFID-blocking wallets, and many other technology-driven wallets. If you are still wondering if a smart wallet is the right choice for you, here are some of the reasons why you need to get one.

· Minimalistic Style

Why do you need a large wallet when you can have a stylish and smart one? Smart wallets are the true opposite of the bulky traditional leather wallets. With this wallet, you only have to carry what you need daily because it is not bigger than the size of a credit card they are designed to carry. A minimalist smart wallet does not take up space in your pocket. It has a money band or money clip that can hold a few wads of cash. Some are rigid by design while some others can expand as you increase the number of cards in it. With a smart wallet, you can be travel light in a minimalistic style.

It is Track-able

This is another reason why smart wallets are the new life-saver. The built-in technology in this piece makes it almost impossible to lose. The best part is that even if you misplace it or it is stolen, the same technology will help you find it. This is why it is often referred to as a track-able piece. Other names it is called include theft-proof, anti-theft, anti-loss, Bluetooth wallet, and GPS wallet. Depending on the design, the tracking ability functions in two different ways. Some have built-in electronics while others use external tracking devices that fit into one of the slots of the wallet. To use the GPS technology of the wallet, you must connect it to your Smartphone through the tracking app. With this, you can find your wallet if it goes missing.

It features RFID-Blocking

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology that can be connected to contactless credit cards to communicate with a vendor’s credit card reader without authorization. With smart wallets, the RFID-blocking protection prevents data on your cards from being stolen. Of course, many built-in technical features have been incorporated into contactless cards to prevent RFID skimming. However, there is nothing wrong with having an extra layer of protection with your smart wallet.

It is Smart

Thanks to technological advances, wallet’s IQ has significantly improved to make owning a wallet not just functional but stylish. Smart wallets come in different designs and technology. There are those with pop-up card ejector, and others with exotic materials. You will find a variety of designs and brand that will appeal to both your functional and fashionable sense.


Smart wallets have a lot to offer. If you are already tired of dragging your old, bulky leather wallet around, it is time to invest in something smart and beautiful. These pieces of technology can save you from unfortunate situations. If you happen to lose your traditional wallet, you would probably not find it again. However, all you need is to activate the GPS tracker on a smart wallet and connect it to your Smartphone. You can easily locate your wallet without breaking a sweat. So, do you need more reason to get a smart wallet?