We all look forward to the times when we can always take a step back from it all and go on a weekend getaway, a road trip, an extended vacation, or a short break. Whatever the occasion, maybe your honeymoon, a solo trip, or some time alone with your beau or belle, there are necessary items that should always go with you on any travel journey.

Besides the usual vitals like your wallet, travel documents and passports, and suitable clothing for the particular destination you are vacationing at, the following 7 items are essential for every vacation trip.

Resources on the Vacation Location

Books, magazines, and even tapes that provide information – like language basics, the people's culture, tourist attractions, and the foods – about your vacation spot should be included in your travel backpack. Informative resources on the country or city you are visiting will help you make informed choices concerning your time spent there.

Your Medications and Painkillers

You shouldn't leave your meds at home as well as your doctor's prescriptions for said meds while on vacation far from home. If you're new to your travel destination or you're withdrawing from the megacities to more country-like spots, it's very likely to find out that there are no pharmacies which sell your meds, and if there are, you might need a doctor's prescription for them to be sold to you. To avoid being stranded, travel with your meds in sufficient quantities.

Gadgets and Chargers

While it may seem unlikely to forget necessaries like your phone chargers and whatnot, it is actually possible to do so, especially during last-minute packing. Ensure to pack in your phones, adapters, headphones, chargers, and any other gadget hours before you are set to leave so you do not end up forgetting them.

You should also go with your cameras and camera chargers to not miss making happy memories and capturing beautiful landscapes.

Travel-Size Skincare and Beauty Kits

A lot could go wrong while on a trip. Occurrences like a bad hair day and skin reaction due to several factors are only a couple of things that could dampen your mood while on vacation.

It can be frustrating if you spend your vacation worrying and treating skin and beauty issues that could have been prevented, instead of resting and enjoying the beautiful sceneries. You should travel with your shampoos and other hair products, sunscreens, serums, and all your primary Skincare supplies to continue your skin caring away from home.

First Aid Kit

You may be wondering, "Why a first aid kit?" Well, having some bandages, compress dressings, and antibiotic ointments at hand will keep you prepared for emergencies. If you're traveling with children, you know that minor accidents like getting cuts and bruises, and tripping and falling are likely to occur. A first aid kit can be advantageous when slight accidents happen, and the nearest hospital is about 120 kilometers away.

Rain Gear and Warm Clothing

This is a must-have if you're traveling in the fall or winter. It may seem weird to have an umbrella and a sweatshirt in your suitcase if you're traveling in the summer or to a tropical destination. But you could become ill or find yourself in an air-conditioned environment and wish you had a blanket scarf, a pair of socks, or comfortable sweaters nearby.

We can't trust the weather as it is very likely to turn on us when we least expect it. You just may be caught napping by an unexpected climate change and catch a cold on a chilly night.

Also, the weather condition in your destination choice may not be the same as what you have at home, especially if you are traveling out of the country or to a different continent entirely. It is wise and a safe choice to be prepared.

Money and Credit Cards

What will we do without some money to spend on a holiday, right?! Your loved ones at home will expect souvenirs and more. You want to carry a sufficient amount of cash and a little bit extra in the event of unplanned expenses or if some fancy antique appeals to you.


Desiring a vacation is one thing, but planning it is another. Knowing what to pack and how to pack to accommodate everything you'll need seems to be a life skill, literally, but you bet you'll have a terrific time vacationing as you remember to always travel with these items.

Photo by Abyan Athif on Unsplash