6 Benefits of Using Home Diagnostics6 Benefits of Using Home Diagnostics

With new advantages in modern medicine, many people are turning to home diagnostics rather than constant doctor visits to manage recurring or chronic health care needs.

Home diagnostics may include everything from simple blood pressure monitors to more complicated and sophisticated testing methods for infectious diseases or DNA tests, according to Pharmacy Today.

1. Receive timely alerts and updates about your health.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) explains that using home diagnostics puts you in control of your own health.

Some home diagnostics help you achieve more precise management of an ongoing health condition, such as blood glucose monitoring for diabetes.

But other diagnostics you can use at home also allow you to make sense of emerging symptoms or even learn about a new health problem before symptoms arise. This type of early warning system can downgrade a potentially serious health issue into a minor issue.

2. Home diagnostics are a great complement to telemedicine treatment.

As Medium points out, the rise of home diagnostics has neatly coincided with the rise of telemedicine, and this likely is no coincidence.

The truth is, telemedicine can only accomplish so much if the patient still has to visit a healthcare facility to get tested. If you can test yourself at home and share the results with your doctor electronically, then your doctor can prescribe the right treatment so you feel better faster.

3. Home diagnostics are safer if you are immune-compromised.

The rise of the new novel coronavirus has really highlighted how vulnerable we are when in-person medical services are no longer a safe option. This is especially true of patients who have a pre-existing immune issue or serious medical condition.

But home diagnostics offer a new avenue for these patients to continue receiving prompt medical care when in-office treatment is off limits.

4. Home diagnostics cut out dangerously long wait times for test results.

As Med City News reports, some patients simply cannot afford to wait for days or weeks for their test results to come back.

This is especially the case for cancer patients, who may need much more rapid intervention for secondary medical issues such as viral or bacterial infection.

As well, home diagnostics are making it easier for patients to receive home health care since there is no longer the need to travel to a facility to get tested. Instead, home health workers can help the patient self-test and then adjust treatment as needed right on the spot.

5. Home diagnostics are easy to acquire and use and are affordable.

Home diagnostics are readily available in most areas at local drug stores and grocery stores as well as online.

They are easy to acquire and simple to use. In many cases, pharmacists are also on hand to answer immediate questions and are also available by phone without an appointment or a fee.

Best of all, the majority of home diagnostics are quite affordable overall. Many diagnostic tests, such as blood glucose monitoring systems, are also covered by major insurance providers as long as there is an accompanying physician prescription.

This is because using home diagnostics cuts out the overhead associated with visiting diagnostic testing facilities. So testing can be provided more affordably.

6. Home diagnostics help keep the national health care cost burden down.

The rise of home diagnostics allows for earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment for many common health conditions. This, in turn, keeps the costs associated with treating full-blown serious health conditions and complications down.

While the full financial benefit and impact of home diagnostics is yet to be felt, the potential is already easy to recognize.

But the greatest benefit is to the patients and caregivers who no longer have to cope with delays and higher costs to get the health information and immediate medical treatment they may need.