5 Ways to Exfoliate Your Face5 Ways to Exfoliate Your Face

Exfoliating your face is a quick treatment and protection for many skin problems. Exfoliating is removing the very outer layer of skin. Although our skins do this process naturally, sometimes we need to trigger the process.

Exfoliating your face has many benefits. However, it would help if you never overdid it to prevent irritation and damage to your skin.

There are several ways to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating needs a kind of crystallized substance and a moisturizer. You can get a good scrub with a beautiful scent from any known body care brands, but natural exfoliators always win.

So, how to exfoliate face with natural ingredients? Below are the top 5 ways to do so with the best natural ingredients.

Sugar and honey

Sugar is a gentle substance that can be used to exfoliate not only your face but your whole body. Sugar has a magic effect on the skin as it boosts the production of new skin cells. On the other side, honey is the best soother for the skin. It is the best moisturizer as well. Honey is the main ingredient for most skin products in the market.

Oatmeal and honey

Oatmeal is healthy for your diet, and it is beneficial for your skin as well. Oatmeal acts as sugar in the previous way of exfoliating your skin. The only difference is that oatmeal is much smoother and gentle on the skin. Thus, it is better for people with sensitive skin who can't bear sugar crystals on their faces. Also, oatmeal is beneficial when your skin is irritated. It can soothe your skin and help it regain its natural healthy radiance.

Salt and lemon

Salt and lemon is another natural scrub that removes dead cells and lightens your face. Lemon is a hydroxyl acid as any other citrus fruit. You can rub your face with a half lemon to get the acid's effect, but you can also add some baking soda or table salt for extra benefits. Before you use this scrub, make sure your face is not sensitive to lemon by testing on a small area on your hands first. Leave the lemon juice on your hands for 5 minutes; if it irritates you, don't use it on your face.

Coffee, sugar, and olive oil

Coffee beans are one of the top ingredients used in the most known scrubs. Coffee, besides its pungent smell, has a hilarious effect on rejuvenating the skin. Olive oil is the top used oil for hair and skin treatments. You can use the three ingredients coffee, sugar, and olive oil together or add coffee to sugar and honey scrubs. You can either use coffee alone with olive oil.


Papaya can be mashed into a paste and applied to the skin for healing the age of fine lines and wrinkles. The effect of Papaya comes from the enzyme Papain, which has several benefits for the skin. It can reduce acne, clog the pores and remove the damaged keratin from the outer skin layer.

How to apply natural exfoliators?

Most of the DIY exfoliators are applied to the skin in the same way. You have to mix the ingredients until you get a paste-like structure. Apply the scrub to your face and gently scrub in circular motions. Do this for 10 -15 minutes, and then rinse your face well.

The best thing about natural scrubs and exfoliators is that you are not limited to one product. While the above five ways are the top used ones, you can always mix and match between ingredients to create your scrub.

Now that you know how to exfoliate your face, you need to know that exfoliating won't positively affect your skin unless you are consistent with your face routine.