5 Simple Changes That Will Reinvigorate Your Kitchen Decor on A Budget5 Simple Changes That Will Reinvigorate Your Kitchen Decor on A Budget

The kitchen is the most loved and most used room of the house. This is where you work your magic, spend relaxing moments with your friends and family, and over the years, create memories. The kitchen is also where we do a lot of heavy-duty work, resulting in wear and tear. Moisture and heat are the main culprit, with some help from heavy traffic and regular use.

As your kitchen ages, you might be thinking of a change, something that gives your kitchen a brand-new look. Fortunately, kitchen refurbishment does not always have to be a complete overhaul. A few changes here and there, a few cosmetic tweaks, and you become the proud owner of a sparkly new kitchen.

5 Simple Changes to Reinvigorate Your Kitchen

There are many simple ways in which you can give your kitchen a fancy new look, without spending a fortune.


Cupboards are the first casualty in the kitchen. The cooking fumes, coupled with constant exposure to moisture and regular usage, has an enormous impact on the cupboards. However, if the structure is in good order, you can just paint them for a fresh new look. A bit of time and a handy paintbrush would give your kitchen a brand-new look.

Give Your Fridge a New Look

You can give your fridge a trendy new look. Just use any wall paper that suits your décor and paste it on the fridge. You will be surprised with how much difference the new look makes. Use double sided sticky tapes for a less permanent solution.

Reinvent Your Storage Solutions

Storage in one aspect that can make or break the look of the kitchen. While a good storage system can keep the clutter away, an overcrowded storage system can make your work very difficult in the kitchen. To keep the things within easy reach is a necessity in a busy kitchen.

You can easily use the kitchen utensils as a decorative element in the kitchen. You can hang up an unused bed slat on a plain wall and hand kitchen utensils and a few fresh greens on it. You can also use hanging rails to hang up the tiny bits and pieces that you have accumulated over the years and are indispensable in your daily work. A bit of ingenuity and a small amount of time can easily clear up your worktops and arrange the everyday things nicely, giving your kitchen a clean and finished look.

Use the Door

Kitchen doors are mighty useful surface that can be put into great use. You can put a white, magnetic board on it to paste family pictures, keep notes, and stick your souvenirs. You can also hang handmade jute or linen storage systems with lots of pockets to hold all the other knick-knacks that need a home. Or, you can go for a beautiful ornate mirror, that will turn your drab kitchen door into the focal point of the room.

Change Window Dressings

Another part of the kitchen that can easily be changed to reinvigorate your kitchen on a budget, is the window dressings. Windows have the dual advantage of having a lot of the wall to itself, as well as a beautiful, naturally lit backdrop. These two factors easily make the kitchen window one of the most noticed parts of the kitchen.

There are some amazing options in the market for your kitchen windows. However, it’s not just the looks that you need to consider. Since the kitchen inevitably generates more heat and moisture than any other room, when you are looking for a kitchen blind, you need to get one that is moisture and heat resistant as well as easy to clean. When it comes to selecting the right one, you will be spoiled for choices. Let’s look at some of the budget blinds that will be ideal for the kitchen environment.

Simple and Stylish Solutions for Your Kitchen Windows

Roller Blinds

When you think of kitchen blinds that are vibrant, yet simple and affordable, roller blinds are the one that will immediately come to mind. The single fabric design of roller blinds is great for both light control, insulation, and privacy. Get roller blinds for your kitchen in bright prints that would add a lot of colors and textures to your kitchen. Polyester roller blinds are perfect for windows over the sink, as they are completely water resistant and easy to clean.

Solar Shades

If your kitchen faces a beautiful garden or a delightful view, it will be a shame to cover it all up. Use solar shades to make most of natural light, all without the glare and harmful UV rays. These blinds are a perfect solution for a kitchen that loves its view, but would like to keep the elements out and save energy. These blinds come with a polyester make, which makes them easy to clean and are totally resistant to moisture.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

The metallic build of venetian blinds is perfect for the moist and hot environment of a kitchen. The slats give you a lot of flexibility in light control, while keeping the privacy intact. When you wish to cut off the view and preserve energy, just close the slats. Venetian blinds are also easy to clean and are available in every imaginable color.

Zebra Blinds

If you wish to have all the benefits of roller shades and blinds rolled into one blind, go for Zebra blinds. These blinds come with alternating stripes of sheer and light filtering stripes, which can be adjusting according to your requirements. These blinds are a perfect solution for a kitchen window facing the road.

Give your kitchen a new look with these lovely ideas and make it the ideal setting for sharing delightful moments with your friends and family.