5 Fun Crafts to Try With the Whole Family5 Fun Crafts to Try With the Whole Family

The family that crafts together creates more than just art; they’re creating cherished memories and bonds. Children that are involved in DIY family projects feel a sense of artistic confidence from early on. This creativity must be encouraged, not stifled or criticized. Try some of these creative projects and fun crafts with your family and your children – at any age.

Create a Mosaic for Your Family Table

In my home, the kitchen was the heart of the house, and our big wooden kitchen table was the central hub of operations. It was a place where board games were played, tea was poured, snacks were had, schoolwork was done, and serious talks were hosted. You can probably remember your family table growing up and all the memories that were created there. Here are a fun and crafty DIY decorating project that will ensure your children’s memories are just as fond and vivid.

Traditional mosaic tables are done with ceramic tiles, but this DIY calls for kid-friendly colored paper, stick glue, and epoxy resin to cover the surface when you are finished to seal the design.

Cut colored squares from magazines and separate them by color and shade. These are going to be your “tiles,” and you can arrange them in any way you like – the traditional mandala style, or several tiny ones to render one large image – possibly a family photograph – if you are so inclined.

Last, apply the epoxy resin to seal your art. You can find more information on how to pour epoxy resin here.

Make Your Own Snow Globes

Do you want to build a snow globe? It’s much easier than you might think. With just a few simple ingredients and some creativity, you can have some beautiful, homemade decorations for your family’s next holiday season – and more holiday seasons to come.

First, acquire some mason jars in whatever sizes work for your purposes. The tiny mason jars can be used for Christmas tree ornaments, whereas the larger ones work well for mantle and window decorations.

Next, pick out your scene. You can get plastic or ceramic figurines at your local craft shop or find them online. Try a snowman, an evergreen tree, a reindeer, a sleigh – whatever comprises your perfect winter wonderland in a bottle. Or take a Christmas ornament with a flat base that you particularly love and repurpose that into your new snow globe. Paint the inside of the mason jar lid with epoxy, firmly affix your figurines, and allow to dry. To help the epoxy bond better, take a piece of sandpaper and scuff the inside of the lid to create a rough surface before adhering to your trees and figurines.

Very carefully fill your jar just short of full with distilled water, which will prevent the lid from rusting. Add a drop of glycerine to the water, or two drops if it is a large jar. Too much glycerine will make your water thick and syrupy.

Add your tinsel glitter – more or less depending on how much snow you want – screw the lid with the figurines on tightly, flip and shake! You’re done!

Personalize Your Kids’ Phone Cases With Chalk Art

Let’s face it, your kids’ phones are an extension of their body. At this point – they’re always on it! Wouldn’t it be fun if their case reflected their unique personality and artistic side? Thanks to how common clear phone cases are to come by these days, it’s never been easier.

For this project, you need chalkboard vinyl and chalk markers, scissors, a cutter, vellum board paper, a pencil for tracing, a clear phone case, and of course, your phone!

Take your phone out of its current case and trace its shape on the chalkboard vinyl using a pencil. Make sure you outline a hole to cut where the camera is! Carefully cut the case shape using scissors and use the cutter to cut out the camera hole. Peel the chalkboard vinyl off and stick it on the vellum board paper, and cut the case shape and camera holes into that. Now you have your insert! You can color this with the chalk markers anyway you like, and to change the design, just wipe clean with a damp tissue or cloth.

Crepe Paper Laser Maze

Here’s a neat craft that doubles as a game AND physical exercise: create a James Bond-like laser maze in a hallway of your home with crepe paper and tape – SO simple! All you have to do is take a ribbon of crepe paper (red is usually the preferred choice of dangerous laser color in the spy and heist movies) and move it in a tight zigzag pattern between the hallway walls, going high and low and making sure your own little international jewel thief can stretch their way through the ropes safely.

Cleanup is easy – simply “deactivate” the lasers by tearing down the crepe paper.

A Magnetic Chore Chart

DIY chore charts are an easy and fun (well, as fun as chores can get) way of quickly designating household chores and keeping track of what needs to be done and who needs to do it. There was no arguing with the chore chart in my home – it was set in stone (or, in our case, dry erase marker).

But, even as easy as a standard whiteboard is to use, over time, the markers will smudge and stain the pristine surface, and then it’s just… not cute anymore. Personalized magnets are designed for multiple uses and quick-moving around – no writing and erasing needed!

What you do need is a metal baking sheet, spray paint, some card stock, a printer and laminator, some picture hooks, ribbon, a drill, and a magnetic adhesive roll strip.

First, drill two holes at the top of the baking sheet where you will hang with ribbon. Make sure the holes are an equal distance apart and will support the weight of the baking sheet. Next, paint the baking sheet with a fun color – preferably in one that works as an accent in your kitchen or laundry room. Next, thread some ribbon through the holes – preferably in a color that will work as a secondary accent color – and tie with a neat bow. Hang your new “frame” on a picture hook.

The actual chore magnets can be any style you want. Still, I recommend including a clipart with real pictures signifying the chore as well as text if you have small children -for example, a picture of a broom and dustpan under “sweeping.” You can print out and the laminate card stock with your children’s names, specific rooms, days of the week, etc. This is where you can get really creative and customized to your family’s own chore schedule. Cut the magnetic adhesive strips to fit the card stock and arrange them on your new magnetic chore board!