5 Benefits of Exfoliating5 Benefits of Exfoliating

Skincare is essential because our first impressions depend on it. Appearances matter a lot in the practical world. It is also good to make skincare a part of your health care routine. According to dermatologists, the best skincare routines have the following steps:

Cleanse – Cleansing removers all dirt and excess oil from the skin

Exfoliate – Scrub to give your pores a deep cleansing and remove dead skin cells

Tone – It soothes your skin after a rub and balances its pH

Moisturize – A good moisturizer can hydrate and revitalize your skin

All these steps help make your skin firmer and healthier. Out of these four, exfoliating is the bare minimum of healthy-looking skin. If you lead a busy life, then you can maintain and perfect skin with just exfoliation. All you need a good scrub that matches your skin’s unique requirements.

What is exfoliating?

Exfoliating is also known as scrubbing, is the process of using a chemical-based granular substance on the surface of the skin to remove dead skin cells. It can be done by hand or an exfoliation tool. Our skin cells shed naturally in a cycle of 30 days or so. New fresh and healthy cells take their place, making your skin look fresh and lustrous.

What does exfoliating do?

Dead skin cells shed naturally. But sometimes, these dead skin cells fail to shed completely and get stuck on the surface of the skin. They may make your skin appear faded or discolored. It may also result in clogged pores or dry, cracked, or flaky skin. If you are facing a similar skin problem, then all you need is to exfoliate.

It not only makes your skin look fresh and bright, but it helps you to maintain flawless skin without taking too much time out of your busy routine. Simple make it a part of bedtime skincare routine and watch it work wonders for you.

Benefits of regular exfoliation

Some common benefits of exfoliation are:

1. Unclogged Pores by regular cleaning

2. Acne prevention by removing skin impurities

3. Allowing skincare products to penetrate deeper for a thorough cleanse

4. Making the skin tone even by removing dead skin cells

5. Improvement in circulation and lymphatic drainage by skin message

How to exfoliate?

The first rule of exfoliating is to be gentle and never exfoliate if you have any cuts or open wounds in the area. Dampen your skin and put a small quantity of scrub on it. Make small circular motions with your finger-tips and the exfoliating tool of your choice. Continue for about 30 sec to 1 min and then rinse off with warm water. Remember to always moisturize after exfoliating.

Before you try exfoliating your skin, you need to find the right scrub for you. A good choice would be the one that matches your unique skin type. There are various products available in the market. You can find one for oily skin or dry skin and such.

There are also some exfoliating masks available that carry the load for you. All you need to do apply, and after 15 minutes, rub for 30 seconds and rinse off.

These days’ DIY scrubs are all the rage. You can make a scrub for your face or body at home with ingredients readily available in your kitchen. It is quick, easy, and cheap but rather effective.

How often should you exfoliate?

To benefit from all the wonder of exfoliating, you need to know how often you should exfoliate. The recommended usage is 2 – 3 times a week unless you are using a scrub's mild daily usage brand.

So, what does exfoliating do? It makes your skin look healthy, fresh, and bright. Everybody should do it!