4 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Popular Today 4 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Popular Today

Wait! Take a look at your mum's and grandma's photos back in the day. Did you notice how their hairstyles added to their beauty? I bet you fell in love with them. That is it. Those throwback hairstyles are rocking Today like never before. The feathered bangs, finger waves, and vintage golden age waves are stylish hairstyles that have stood the test of time. The old hairstyles are turning out to be pure gold. Everyone is embracing them in the streets. From casual to official hairstyles, the vintage hairstyles will sort you out. The classy and stylish nature of the vintage hairstyles is just unrivaled. Try them out for that perfect look.

The Throwback hairstyles trending in Today

Below are the hairstyles that are popular right now, and their fashionable taste dates back many years:

1. Vintage Feathered Bangs

Princess Diana was a great fan of feathered and fluffed bangs. As such, you are sure you won't look out of style when you try them out. The feathered bangs can fit all persons as they flatter different types of face types. In addition, they are pretty flexible as you can either merge or put them aside from the rest of your hair.

Princess Diana's daughter-in-law, Princess Kate, is also a great fan of the bangs. So you can rest assured that feathered bangs do trend worldwide when a member of the royal family tries them out. After all, who does not want that royal fame and beauty? The feathered bangs are just the real deal.

2. Vintage Golden Age Waves

The golden age waves of hairstyles of the '20s and '30s added to the success of Hollywood and the American Film industry. Blown-out curls and waves were the perfect hairstyles for fashioned women back in the day. Glamour waves and hot rollers are great ways of replicating the golden age wave's vintage style without appearing very retro.

All you need to do for a perfect golden age wave hairstyle is: set your hair for like half an hour, allow the air to cool, shake out the curls and finally brush the hair gently to make the locks lose. The golden age waves do achieve elegance and style.

3. Finger Waves Hairstyle

The finger waves hairstyle is quite popular as it is done on short, medium, and long hair. You can try it at home as it is easy to learn. The hairstyle does revive the olden days. It is as common today as it was in the 1920s when it first trended.

From the look of things, it is not leaving the stage of fashion any time soon. The vintage hairstyle is modified in many ways. However, the variety of styles that it affords helps it in remaining relevant over a long time.

It has both black and brown colors. Your hair will attain a wavy look throughout the head when you try this hairstyle. If you need an easy-to-maintain vintage hairstyle, then the fingers waves' hairstyle is the ideal one for you.

4. Blonde vintage hairstyle

The blonde vintage hairstyle is excellent for you as it can blend with any outfit that you choose. The hairstyle requires a hair extension if your hair is not long enough for the best outlook and results. It is gorgeous to have complete blonde hair for your entire head.

The golden blonde bombshells of the '70s have an upgraded style in the name of light vanilla blonde. Blonde vintage hairstyles are pretty popular on the latest social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.Today, the blonde vintage hairstyle is gaining popularity like never before.

Bottom Line

The current generation is incredibly obsessed with vintage hairstyles. The throwback hairstyles are just eating up the hair fashion industry. After all, going old school is not that bad. The good old school days are just as good as the vintage hairstyles.