4 Environmental Benefits Of Home Heating4 Environmental Benefits Of Home Heating

Any environmentally conscious homeowner will want a heating appliance that aligns with their values. When it comes to home heating, there are many benefits involved, so you can stay warm all year round while having an eco-friendly impact. Stelrad trade radiators offer some of the best heating appliances that can be used in unison with environmentally heating systems. We have listed the 4 greatest benefits of home heating, so you can stay green all year round.

Geothermal Heating

Geothermal heating has many benefits when it comes to home heating. Although this requires an up front investment, you will reap many rewards in the months and years to come.

By heating from the earth, you can reduce your carbon footprint through the use of natural resources. A system such as this usually outside air, using less energy than a system that uses air from the inside. This system is installed within the earth’s surface, using less energy to heat your home than you the thermostat actually indicates. Another benefit of this is finance, these systems usually pay for themselves within less than a decade, increasing your property value and helping the environment in the process.

Pellet Stoves

Rathe than using a wooden stove, pellets stoves are a great environmentally friendly option. These are made from renewable resources including grass, sawdust, and other waste products with a low carbon nature. These products would usually be disposed of, so the benefit of a pellet stove is less waste going into the environment. These are also a great option when it comes to your bank account. They aren’t hugely expensive and are much more environmentally friendly option compared to burning wood! Another benefit is that wood pellets and grass is much less expensive than buying wood, so you can save in more ways than one.

Solar Panels

Solar heating is one of the most energy efficient options in terms of heating your home. You simply need to have solar panels installed, and you can reduce your carbon footprint exponentially. The benefits here are huge, you can essentially acquire free heating for life, while helping to save the environment without the use of fossil fuels. It Is also an affordable option, without having to pay other energy bills, you can practically make your own energy. This will reduce your carbon footprint, help delay climate change and keep you warm in the process.

Masonry Heater

Another green energy solution with a multitude of benefits attached is that if a masonry heating system. Not drastically dissimilar to a pellet stove, the positive environmental impacts attached to masonry stoves are huge. This is a compact appliance that looks somewhat like a traditional fireplace. How this is different to a pellet stove is in the fact that it traps heat within its bricks for 24 hours, meaning no energy expenditure is required for a whole day! These also produce a lot less pollution than wood stoves, with a lot less supplies required for them to operate. The way it functions is through a slow burns, meaning you can utilise upon its insulative properties to help the environment in your own way.