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By now I'm 21 weeks pregnant, and I've suddenly come to realise that I’d like to start documenting the details of not only this, the first pregnancy I'm going through, but also life in general with my Hubby and, in around five months’ time, with our first child. This is definitely one of the most amazing times of my life and I just don’t want to forget the details. Starting this blog seemed to be the best way to record my thoughts, and, if you're looking for guidance, maybe help you out too!

These first four months of pregnancy have been very exciting! I actually really enjoyed my first trimester (surprisingly!) and that’s really thanks to my lovely Hubby. Obviously, there's been moments where we've got stuck and thought ‘what should we do next?!’, times when I’m crying and then suddenly laughing for no particular reason, or I’m in full-flung panic mode, as well as experiencing the ‘umm, perhaps we shouldn’t read comments or look for advice on pregnancy from random people on the Internet’ phase…

So how did the first four months go, but without going into too much detail…

Morning sickness

Amazingly, I didn’t suffer from any sickness during the first trimester.. no nausea.. no vomiting. Yes, there were some weird feelings sometimes, but still I realised that snacking on biscuits, crackers or fruits was really helping fill me up. Because of this I’m not really a great adviser on how to ease your morning sickness...sorry!

It wasn't all sunshine and buttercups though, in the first couple of weeks of the pregnancy I really suffered from terrible lower back pain, which worried me a bit. But again, it taught us a valuable lesson: Don’t let the internet ruin your pregnancy! Always ask for the advice of a specialist. I consulted with a doctor and she told me to buy a special corset that controls back pain and correct posture. Luckily, the back pain was completely gone in just a couple of days, so I didn’t need the corset.

First appointment with the hospital

My first appointment with the doctor was during week 7 of the pregnancy. It really helped to see that the baby was developing fine. As a first-time mum I was very worried whether everything was okay, so to see the tiny little blob on the screen and hear his/her heartbeat for the first time was amazing!

It was also good to find out what medicines it's possible to take in case of any illnesses or pains. This information was really hard to find out otherwise.

I had been taking a daily folic acid supplement for at least three months before we found out that I was pregnant. During the appointment, the doctor recommended taking an Elevit pregnancy supplement every day.

Deciding when to announce the pregnancy.

I think this should be a separate post J But, the first ones to know about the pregnancy were obviously our parents. We told them when I was around 5 weeks pregnant during our first wedding anniversary celebrations. It's absolutely impossible to keep a secret from them any longer, because everyone in our family loves drinking wine, and there would be no good reason why I couldn’t enjoy it with them! The very next day we told the amazing news to Papa’s parents as well. Everyone was over the moon and we are so grateful and lucky to have such amazing and loving parents.

We kept the news from other family and friends for a little longer — only because it was advised to not let everyone get too excited. Generally, all the very important people in our lives knew about the pregnancy by week 12.

As I don't want to make this first post too long, I'll leave it there for now :) 

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