Haul from Asos ❤️

I've got some new clothes from Asos.com last Friday and I wanted to make a little haul with the things I got.

First I got a high-necked sweatshirt from River Islands that says ''New York City Est 88'' in this beautiful grey-ish color. It's super comfy og fit perfectly, not to small or tight and not to big and loose. It is definitely my favorite thing of all the clothing I got.

The next item I've got is this navy blue high-necked sweatshirt from Asos 4505 - you may notice that I like high-necked tops 😆. This sweatshirt was a bit stiff in the fabric to begin with, but I think after a wash it will probably be a little softer. Hopefully 🤞

The third item of clothes I've got was these black high waisted and wide leg jeans from Asos Design Petite department. These jeans are amazing. I'm very small, about 1.53 cm and I have a really hard time to find jeans that are short enough and which do not clump at the legs/ankels. But these jeans fit perfectly. They are the perfect size and length for me. They are of course a little bit tight on the thighs and a little loose at the waist, but that's okay,I can make it work.

That was all for today. See you next time...

Take care and have a wonderful day 😉

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Xxx MalenasDiary

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