The days are gone when spirituality was an untouchable subject and now with the help of website, the information is openly accessible to everyone in PERSIAN, URDU and English Languages. The website provides a number of great services.

It provides Sultan Bahoo Spiritual poetry enriched with spiritual blessings that is very rare & hard to find, conversely its now exclusively available in English & Urdu Language translations with accompanying detailed explanations, there forth people of all intellectual levels can easily apprehend the meaning of complex spiritual poetry and its wisdoms. The poetry touches on various spiritual topics such as Self purification, Love at First Sight, True Spiritual Guide, Harmony, True Love and among various other deep spiritual topics. The poetry preserves its original flavour in the translation as well as provides great insight into the spiritual realms amidst showing interested seekers the way to embark the path of spirituality. The poetry is in written format, video and mp3 audio, the poetry is also popularly known as Kalam Bahu or Abyat Bahu.

One of the great services, it provides is the exceptionally many specialist Spiritual Books like Noor ul Huda Qalan, Rasala Rohi Sharrif & Tasavver Asmi Allah Zat, once that were a lost treasure of the Great Sufi Mystic Sultan Bahu ®. ALL spiritual books can be accessed online and they are also distributed free of cost, in printed book format. The books are again in three languages English, Urdu and Persian and contained in them, is fountain of highly intellectually complex, spiritual wisdom and further provided are the comprehensive solutions to “all” kinds of spiritual problems and ways of Spiritual Growth, hence these books are truly a great source of exceptional spiritual knowledge.

The science of human spirituality itself is far greater than the sciences we read and interact in the modern world. The books are an excellent read and many of us whom are completely unaware of the benefits that human spirituality brings, it can be an eye opener. The spiritual self takes us to places that lie beyond this world of mud and clay, that which no physical eye has ever seen. There are much more possibilities and things to be fond of beyond the life of this planet. Further the people suffering from any life, magic & spiritual problems can find various solutions to their problems with the reading of the books in different languages.

There’s a very interesting video community section where thousands of videos can be explored among them are various categories such Sufi Mystics Shrines, Videos, Poetry Audio, Spiritual Drama’s and Movies, Documentary’s and much more. There’s also a beautiful photo gallery section of the website and a section for downloading the Sufi Music in mp3 version. The website platform cast’s away the shadow of division and hatred while bringing together humanity under the tag of spiritual love, oneness, kindness and self growth.

The service provider, is a non-profit organisation and can be reached by means of contact via telephone or email.


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