Today i am gonna review a cushion that has been on the market for a long time. It is the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion.


When i ordered my cushion, i bought the refill version by mistake instead of the whole cushion. This turned out to be a good thing, because i did not find this cushion to be anything special.

I got the shade NO2, Light Beige

Claims: This flawless cushion foundation creates beautiful pearly bright skin with its full coverage and smoothing effects.

On their website, they did not mention the longevity of the product.

I have applied the Cushion on my right side of the face. On my left side i have nothing on.

As you see on the picture above, the Cushion did hide my acne to an extent, but you can see that it looks a bit "bumpy" on the cheeks where my acne are.

I wanted to to apply an even layer of product on my face, which turned out to take a long time, because i had to build up the coverage on some parts on my face.

The coverage of this product is so so. The product did not conceal my pimples.

After i applied the product from the cushion, i found my face to be very sticky. I decided that i wanted to set my face lightly with a powder (Skinfood peach sake silky finish powder).

After about two hours i started to look a bit oily in my t-zone.

I had to reapply the foundation after 4 hours, because it had worn off around my nose, over my pimples ond where my glasses had been. It looked like i had been punched in the face!

After i had reapplied the bb cushion it looked good again!

This cushion is easy to reapply, because you can layer it a lot of times without it looking to caky. However, i did notice that this bb cushion clung on to dried patches. So be aware that you might not want to buy this cushion if you have dry patches.



- Have three shades of color to choose from

- Leaves a natural finish on the skin (almost skin like)

- Easy to layer and build up to a medium coverage


- It took a long time to blend out the bb cushion on my face

- Short lasting time (4 hours)

- The cushion wears off fast around the nose, on problematic skin (like acne), and on nose (for glasses wearers)

- It clings on to dry patches

I find that this cushion would be best for people that have a pretty good skin condition without dry patches. It is also good for those who do not mind to reapply the bb cushion through out the day.

I hope you enjoyed the review!


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I love Asian beauty products! From the way they look, to the way they perform. Most of all i love the flawless natural-looking makeup that they use in Asia.

I find that the asian makeup and skincare are something i personally prefer, because it focuses on enhancing your face in a more natural way.

My love for Asian makeup started in 2012, when i started listening to K-POP. I think my first purchase from an Asian makeup band was the holika holika Aqua petite jelly BB Cream, and their heartful moisture lipstick, which opened my eyes for korean makeup. Ever since then i´ve been trying out new makeup products, since i am a makeup and skincare junkie.

This blog is dedicated for my love of Asian makeup and skincare products. I will post reviews, hauls, empties, etc. to give you, as a viewer to this blog, information about beauty products from Asia, and hopefully help you to decide what to purchase.

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