Hi guys!

I didn't know what do to with myself when I got these in the mailbox the other day! These are the Kylie Jenner lipkit that's so hard to get your hands on. Lucky enough, I got my hands on the two I wanted the most - Candy K and Dolce K!

I had very high expectations for this lip kit and since they were so hyped up on YouTube and blogs I was really excited to try them out.

And the hype was real guys! They really lived up to my expectations! They are unbelievable great, almost like I wonder what's really in the ingredients!
For an example, I put on my lipkit in Candy K on at about 7 in the morning. Then I go off to work, I talk, I laugh and drink a lot of tea - lipkit is still looking flawless.
I eat lunch, talk some more, eat snacks with the kids... - lipkit still looks good!
At the end of the day, about 4 in the afternoon, I look in the mirror and see that my lipkit is still in place! Slightly faded, very minimal but it still looks great!

I love the face that the kit comes with a lip liner and a liquid lipstick and they work great together. The lip liner is very creamy and pigmented and glides in really smooth and so does the liquid lipstick!
I'm so happy with these!

I hope you guys try these out! You will not get disappointed!


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Happy March everyone!

I'm here to tell you what products I've been loving and using the most this month. And to my surprise it's all drugstore products!

• NYX contour kit- this kit I've been using since I got it and I absolutely love it! First I contour with a thin dense brush with the second to last powder in the bottom row. Then I use a fluffier bigger brush with the first color on the bottom row to blend my contour and bronze up my skin. All shadows are very blendable!
I also use the yellow banana shade under my eyes every day to brighten. In the middle of my forehead and chin I use the white/beige matte highlighting shade to give my face a little more highlight. Love!

• Morphe 12s palette - I've been using the shades in this palette to put on my eyelids. I have ton of matte products to put every day on in my crease but I've never known what shade to put all over my lid. With this palette it was so easy every morning to just pick any color and put it on.

ELF blush palette in light - I'm not really a blush person and always stick to the same matte soft pink blush. With this palette I've been trying some new things on my cheeks. I absolutely love the brownish shade which come out more as a orange peach color on me. It's absolutely stunning.

• ​NYX liquid suede lipstick in Soft Spoken- ​it's no secret that I love these liquid lipsticks, haha. And I've been using this particular shade all month! This liquid lipstick lasts so well on the lips, very pigmented and I also find it hydrating! The finish is matte but with a little stickiness which makes it hydrating. It's very easy to apply and reapply. So far, this is my favorite liquid lipstick.

​Milani trifecta mascara - ​I got this mascara because of ​Gnomebusiness ​on YouTube. I find it really beautiful but it could be pretty difficult to work with. It's a very dry mascara and I prefer a very wet mascara. Nevertheless, I've been using it because I love the wand. But next month I'll show you a mascara that I think is my new holy grail! 

• ​Milani perfect and conceal in nr 06- ​you all know I love this foundation even though I have dry skin. Every time I put another foundation on I miss this Milani one, it's insane! 

​Milani prime perfection hydrating and pore minimizing- ​This is my current go to primer! It does everything good for my skin! It hydrates really well and also hides my pores which is pretty uncommon for a hydrating primer.

​• Milani lip oil in peach- ​The last love from Milani is this lip oil. For winter times it has been a real savior and I use it every day and before I go to bed every night. And it smells so good! It comes in different scents and I really want to try the grape one next! 

• ​Freedom makeup pro highlight in Ambient - ​You all have to know by now that this is my absolute favorite highlight! It's the highlight of life! I've already done a post about this and I have nothing more to say then that it's out of this world! 

Hope you all will have a wonderful Monday! 

Places I've bought most of the things; 







Happy Saturday everyone! I've been sick the last few days so I haven't been able to post anything here. I actually lost my voice the other day before I got the cold. But today I'm feeling a lot better and hopefully I will start posting frequently again!

Every day the thing I look nose forward to do is applying makeup in the morning. I love trying out new products and new combinations.

This was a short post but I'll be back! 


Products in the photo;

NYX 9 color eyeshadow palette in Merci Beaucoup

Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation in 48 sun beige

Clinique Chubby Lash mascara

Anastasia brow powder duo in dark brown

Too Faced Melted liquified long wearing lipstick in melted sugar

Freedom Makeup pro highlight in Ambient



Long time no see!
But better late than never, right?

I absolutely love to write here but somehow I just forget to take the time to write, sorry about that. But now I'm back!

I said this on my Instagram too but this is my holy grail highlighter and makeup product! If there was a fire and I had to grab one thing, this would be the first thing that comes to mind. (However, it's very affordable so I should probably buy something more expensive - but you know what I mean! Haha!)

Freedom makeup does it again! I loved their pro contour kit so I decided to pick this pro highlight in Ambient up just to try it out. And what a surprise I got! Just buy searching it I felt the really fine milled powder and buttery texture. It also surprised me that there wasn't any glitter or sparkles which I see in my higher end highlighters!
When I put the pro highlighter from Freedom cosmetics on my face it was magic! It gives me an amazing sheen and dewey look that I love!
And you know what I love even more? The fact that it's still just a healthy glow even in the sunlight! With some bronzers I feel like it's looking really good but then as soon as the sunlight hits you, you look like you are related to Edward Cullen from Twilight haha!

So please beauties, try this one out! It's very affordable and it's worth a shot.




Hi guys!

My New Years resolution was to get in to more cream contouring so I decided to buy the Freedom Makeup cream contour kit.
I like it a lot more than I thought I would! The highlighting colors are really highlighting my face. I put the yellow color under my eyes to brighten the under eyes and then I go in with the white color at the left on the high points of my face such as cheekbones, middle of the forehead, nose and chin.
The darker colors are pretty warm toned but it suits my skin color. I contour with the darkest shade and blending it out with a mix of the two other shades! This gives me a pretty dewey look which I'm not mad about. I try to do everything to keep my skin looking glowy and healthy in these winter months.

I would really recommend this if you are starting out with cream contouring. It works really well for me and give me such flawless results that lasts all day. The colors blend our great with my fingers, beautyblender and even my brush!

Hope you have a lovely day folks! xx



Hi again!

I thought it was time to get some new brushes to my collection, so I did.
I had heard a few good reviews and I really liked the price so I felt like I had nothing to loose (as usual)!

This is the 10 piece brush set from Wilma's beauty. They are synthetic and so soft! I like that it comes with more eye brushes than face brushes because I feel like you never can have enough eye brushes.

The brushes are also very unusual in that sense that I have nothing like them. The powder brush is pretty small but fluffy so it's fits the face perfectly without being to big. Also it comes with a very soft tulip shaped brush that is amazing for highlight! I think that's my favorite brush of them all.

The last great brushes are two blending brushes, one fluffy and one a little thinner. Both are amazing to use in the crease and I don't know why I haven't had anything like them before. They make eyeshadow apply so easy and seamless!

Just look at these wonderful brushes!
Bought at wilmasbeauty.se



Eyeshadows eyeshadows eyeshadows...I can't get enough and I always want more.

When I saw that morphe brushes had come out with a few smaller palettes I got so intrigued to buy one! It was so hard to choose but I felt like I had so many matte shadows in my collection at the moment so I didn't need that. Then I saw the 12s palette which had amazing shadows and no mattes.

When I got the palette in the mail I was so excited and couldn't wait to swatch some shades. And you know what? They were AMAZING. They are buttery ans pigmented and glides on the lid so easily. They are very easy to mix and also to blend out too!
The shades are very shimmery but they don't have any chunks of glitter which I like. Therefore, they look as amazing on the lid as well as in the outer corner of the eye.

I really recommend this palette and as I said, there are a few palettes to choose from. The 12NB is also really beautiful neutral palette with a few mattes.

Have you guys tried any palettes from Morphe brushes? 

Bought at www.brallis.se




I want to start by wishing you all a happy Valentines day! ❤️

Now it looks like I only have Milani products to show, but I'm so happy Milani brought out some new products, and I'm even happier that I could get a hold of some here in Sweden!

Anyway, here's one of their new eyeshadow palettes and this one is called Plum basics. I think there's four different palettes but I only found this one which look beautiful. Even though this palette isn't the one I really wanted I bought to see the quality of the shadows. Luckily plum tones suit my dark brown eyes so I don't hate that I bought it. Also, it drags me out of my comfort zone :)

I will update you with pictures and swatches in the future and a full review but I was so excited to take pictures of this beauty before I destroyed it with my brushes ^^  

Bought at www.jfr.se
Hope you all are doing well!




The Milani conceal + perfect 2 in 1 foundation is my go to foundation right now! It's very new so I hadn't found many reviews on it before I decided to order it. The reviews I had seen was really good and the foundation was very affordable so I thought I would give it a shot. And I'm so glad that I did!

This foundation is medium to full coverage, hydrating for my dry skin, it has a demi-matte finish and also the shades are great! It was really easy to find my shade because the shades have a good description to them that describes what undertone and skin tone that fits.

For this full coverage foundation I don't find it heavy on my skin. For now I have only applies it with my beautyblender and it's fine. I believe it will be an even fuller coverage with a brush and it might then get a little heavier on the skin, but I'll let you know :)

Overall, this is an amazing foundation and I recommend it for everyone. Since it's so affordable too, I don't see what could go wrong ^^

I got my foundation in the shade 06- sand beige at the only Swedish website that at the time sells this which is www.jfr.se



Hi lovlies,
Finally I decided to expand my Instagram and create a beauty blog so that I can tell you more in depth what I post. It's really exciting for me since I've never done anything like this. But since I'm absolutely loving what u do, I don't think it'll be that hard :)

Hopefully I can keep up with the blog and I hope you'll stay!