Had 3 amazing days in Stockholm! I went there to do a makeupjob for the amazing clothing line Castor Pollux, which soon will be able to purchase at Stayhard.se.

The assignment I had was to do makeup and hair on twelve malemodels. It was a lot of fun, and honestly fashion shows are probably my most favorite kind of makeupjob since there's so much action going on :)

I got to try out a lot of new makeup I bought, for an example: Makeup forever HD loose powder
and it was suuuper good! It took away all the shine and kept it that way throughout the whole show.

Here comes some behind the scene pictures, and of course also some from the show:

Castor Pollux Fashion Show

Me in action :)

Some of the outfits from the show, amazing!

Small preparations right before the show starts.

My makeupstation

Me and the designer Henric Dahl in Stockholm.

​From the front page at Fashionweek.se (feeling proud)!

​Keep an eye out for this brand, I'm pretty sure it will be huge :)

Thanks guys!
xx Jackie