Monthly Wishlist #1

Contains affiliate links

1. Coffee machine: HERE // 2. Hoodie: HERE // 3. Tray: HERE // 4. Two-pack benches: HERE // 5. Ring with zircons: HERE // 6. Ring: HERE // 7. AirPods case: HERE // 8. Clothing rail: HERE // 9. iPad: HERE // 10. Blender: HERE // 11. Coffee grinder: HERE // 12. Milk frother: HERE // 13. Poster: HERE // 14. Aerial hoop: HERE // 15. Espresso machine: HERE // 16. Electric kettle: HERE // 17. Chair: HERE // 18. Mugs: HERE // 19. Aerial silk: HERE

Hello guys!

Above you see this month's wishlist! I always wish for a lot, because there's so many pretty, and useful things! I wish for a coffee machine and equipment and a espresso machine, which basically can do the same as the coffee machine with the equipment, but I still wish for both. I wish for a lot of things for my home, because I have started to collect things for when I move out from my treatment home. Then there's a little jewellery, and those rings are gorgeous if you ask me! I also need a clothing rail, and you'd agree if you saw my apartment, because a lot of clothes + no place to hang it = a big mess!

Then I wish for aerial art equipment, an AirPod case (I recently bought AirPods!) and an iPad, because I hate using my computer for when I dance, it's much easier with an iPad. You know, I can't go to my dance school currently, so I have to practice online. I'm not a fan of coronavirus or anxiety...

I will make a post like this every month, because I think they're super fun to do, and I would be so glad if I could inspire you guys! I hope you're doing well, and take care of yourself. See you soon!

Love, Majken

P.S. This post contains affiliate links, which means I'll might earn a little money if you buy anything from my links, but it does NOT cost you any money at all. I have also written it above, but I want to make sure you knows it! I'm kinda new to blogging, hihi!