I was watching the history channel and they said the store did it so they would get parents to spend money. But why? Ruin the true meaning They destroy the true meaning our Christ birthday, most people forget about it then children are unhappy/ ungrateful  Jesus's birthday because they didn't get what they wanted. I almost cried when I saw that I got something that reminded of what Christmas was all about. I got earrings with the cross on it. Then I talked to my friends they were unhappy and not satisfied with what they got for Christmas. I was upset because they didn't even acknowledge  that Christ was born on this day. Who cares about what you get. Let remember who made Christianity come alive, the very person who was born yesterday. I didn't want anything for Christmas other than to see other people happy and smiling. Knowing that God was born yesterday felt like the best gift ever.  Hearing people complain made me want to change the name for Christmas because people want it to be about gifts and not God. The one day God is born and everyone is acting like Christmas is about gifts, bragging, and about how much they get. If Christmas was like that why even celebrate. We live in a sick world when people act like that. I almost fell into old habits by forgetting the true meaning of Christmas. It like the devil grab us and turned this Christmas into about getting and not giving thanks to the man that made Christianity happen. The worst part about this Christmas is that the technology helped us forget about God. I don't  think I can handle living in the world where gifts means more than someone who is the biggest legend to Christianity. Yesterday God was alone and heartbroken because he had to spend his birthday watching his fellow family fell hard into the hands of the devil. Some/most of his Christian let that happen because they want their children to be happy, smile, and love them. The love that your children should have been feeling was being touched by the man who was born yesterday. If I could go back and time, I would reset Christmas and show people the true meaning. Even if you don't believe you should know the true meaning of someone birthday. We are suppose to appreciate the little things we have in life and show God that we acknowledge his birth. Being selfish and greedy won't get you to go places in life. How many of you can say you  took more than just an hour to ask God how his Birthday was and to thank him for everything that he has done for every single one of us? Yesterday was suppose to be about Christ, but no we had to turn that one day into being about us and what we got for Christmas. Honestly, Christmas shouldn't even be about getting presents it should be about him and how we are grateful for having an amazing figure to look up to. Being able to allow god to help us through every struggle we have faced is something special. But half of us couldn't even thank him for that. The saddest thing is that we turn Christmas into a bragging competition.  Almost all of us help destroy the true meaning of Christmas. In my youth today they allowed gifts conquer the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is now a sport.