När jag kom hem väntade ett paket i min brevlåda.

Just nu har TreasureIsland dessa "FIGHT RAPE" armband där 50% går till välgörenhet.

De är supersnygga och har ett bra budskap! Köp ditt armband på #fightrape



Tror du verkligen att du kan bekämpa våldtäkter genom att köpa ett armband? Det krävs mycket mer än så
Har jag sagt det? Pengarna går till organisationen som finns till för att minska antalet våldtäkter. Det är precis samma som dom "fick cancer" armbanden :)
Hi, We are an American society which sells hair extensions all over the world and have just launched our new web-site in Sweden: We would therefore like to know if you wanted to test some of our extensions for free and present them on your blog in exchange. You can check our website to see if something interests you: all our extensions are 100% natural human hair and come in many colors, lengths (from 38 to 56 cm) and textures (straight or wavy). You can also check out some reviews previously done by bloggers: If you are interested by this offer we’ll send one or two (if you have thick hair) packs of extensions to you so you can test them. In exchange you’ll have to write an article on your blog that presents the product and our website if you are satisfied with what you received. The article can be in English or in Swedish and must at least: -Show the product. -Have a link towards our website. -Have “1001extensions” appearing in the title. Then you’ll have to send me the link of the article when it’s done. Please note that these collaborations cost us a lot so we would be very grateful if you could write even a very short review. You don’t have to do it if you don’t like the article though; it’s totally up to you. ;) If you accept these conditions, please fill this in and send it to me at NAME, surname: Phone number: Address (please don’t forget to mention the country): Website or Youtube Channel: Link of the chosen extensions (don’t forget to tell me if you have thick hair and therefore needs two packs): Once I’ve received these informations you’ll get your extensions after seven working days approximately. I’ll also send you your DHL tracking number after a couple of days so you can track your
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