Det vanliga livet

Good morning!

A lot have happened since my last blog post. I have met a new friend here, a girl from Germany who also works as an Au Pair here. We went to an island in Indonesia together after that have known each other for two days, very spontaneous but AMAZING. All we did was relaxing by the pool while drinking Pinacoladas, ate delicious food and chattered like two birds. The hotel we stayed at was wonderful. Although, it was not 100% finished yet because it was a new hotel. But we were almost alone there and the staff was lovely.

It is crazy that I've been here for a month now. The time has gone so fast, I can't believe it. So far, has my time here been up and down. Singapore is an amazing city but it has been a bit of a struggle to adapt to everything. The most difficult thing was that I didn't know anyone here, so for the first three weeks I didn't have anyone to spend my time with and that drove me crazy! You really understand how important it is to have a friend around. But I am lucky that I have the best host family ever and that I know have Franka. It is quite difficult to find someone to spend time with as an Au Pair in Singapore while you actually can't be an Au Pair here, so there is no Au Pair communities and such things. Of course, you can always find people in your age that are studying or doing internships but they aren't free when I am free. However, everything is more than fine now!

Eating ice cream and hanging around on a friday night in Clarke Quay, a wonderful bar and restaurant area.

We went to 1 Altitude this Wednesday and we had so much fun! It is the highest bar in Singapore so the view is, of course, incredible.

Well well, soon I am going out because I have to buy myself a new charger since I dropped mine on the way to Indonesia

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Det vanliga livet

Good morning Saturday! Today is gonna be a hot day, I can already feel it. It is the end of the rain season here, so we are only going towards warmer days. It is cold here they say, 28-30 degrees. But well, people have different definitions of cold I guess. However, today I won't do anything special. I'm thinking of going down to Orchard or Bugis and buy me a new yoga mat and a hat. In the afternoon/night, I have some telephone dates with Europe, I have some visitors who want to come soon!

Last weekend, I went to the Garden by the Bay with a new friend from Hong Kong. It was just as I thought it would be -beautiful. We went to the Cloud Forest which is an indoor rain forest build like a mountain with three types of rain forests. There is a lot of different spices of flowers, plants etc. I found two of my favorites, Pelagon and Orchidaceae but no Pinions :(

As well as the Garden by the Bay is a beautiful place is the Botanic Gardens also a wonderful place to be. The Botanic Gardens are just two stations away from where we live, so I have been there a lot. It is very nice to stroll around there in the mornings. There is a lot of people there, taking their morning runs, doing yoga and qigong etc. And the environment is lovely. It is super calm and you can always find a spot where you can be alone and just breathe. They have several of different gardens you can enjoy, the last time I went there I visited the healing garden, a garden with medical plants and spices. It was quite interesting to read about how a plant can be used to heal a headache and chronic pains and so on. The best thing about the Botanic Garden is that everything is for free except from the Orchid Garden, which fees 5 Singapore dollar (around 3-4 euro). Therefore will I be able to go there how often I want, woho!

Furthermore, here is an area with an original rain forest. I think it is nice that they have kept some original rain forest from the time when Singapore just was a forest. It is difficult to imagine that this city with all of its spectacular creations, once was covered with trees, plants, and flowers. A very beautiful forest with huge trees! And also, the climate inside is perfect for running which I am so grateful for since it is too hot and too much exhaust gas for running in his city.

On my next time in the Botanic Gardens, I must bring my camera because I don't have any good picture from any of the gardens!

+ one thing about BG is that they also have some cafes inside, which are nice because when you get tired of walking around you can just grab an ice coffee or something to eat under beautiful trees.

Well oh well, now it's not morning anymore. In fact, the time is 15:20 but it's still morning in Europe! So the beginning of this blog post is right on time for you at least. And the thing I said about its being hot today, it was very true. The weather is very humid today and just for a few minutes ago the thunder came and literally, it was a clap of thunder in a calm sky.

Have a good day!
Love, Maja



Det vanliga livet

One week in Singapore! Although it feels like I've been here for ages but in the same time, it feels like I just arrived. In this past week have I eaten some new food, such as a traditional Korean Kimichi Soup, breakfast dumplings, Asian cold brewed tea and some delicious, fresh mangoes. I haven't had any strange Asian food yet, so far I have only seen tasty food but I think I will find something terrible soon. And then I have to try it. Or it depends on what... I do have my limit although that I love to taste different kinds of food. For instance, yesterday I found three thin dried fishes in a snack packet and I can't understand how that could be a snack. Snacks are supposed to taste good, aren't they? On the other hand, I am not really entitled to say that the fishes taste disgusting, but I did try something similar once (I think it was some kind of dried fish and I got tricked to eat it) and it was horrible. However, Singapore is a country full of wonderful food.

I visited Singapore's Art Museum this Saturday. It was cool, I saw some beautiful creations and some strange ones. The most strange one was an enclosure with an empty bag of chips, a folded ticket and a piece of candy paper and that were it. On the other hand, the more I think about the enclosure the more I find it interesting. It gives me thoughts about how good the world are at littering. We make all kinds of litter wherever we go. Gas in the air, trash on the ground, oil in the water, unpleasant words... I don't know where I am going with this right know, but it is definitely something I will keep to think about.

Furthermore, there was one beautiful creation with mirrors. It was an installation that you were able to enter, called Noah's Garden II. It is a garden of artificial flora and a labyrinth of mirrors and when you entered, you found yourself inside a kaleidoscope. The artist, Deng Guoyuan, wanted to blur the lines between the real and the artificial with his colorful plants and all the mirrors. In my meaning, it worked. Because you know how it is to bee in a room with mirrors all around you? All you can see is you + you a thousand of times. This was a room with mirrors from top to toe and also with spinning mirrors in the middle, it is difficult to describe but it was amazng.

Another creation with mirrors that also was mind blowing was the one called, Paracosmos. It was plenty of round shaped mirrors situated in a circular stairwell, supposed to propel the viewer into a parallel world - a space of otherness that is recognizable but unfamiliar.

This week was the first days of school and kindergarten, so now I will start to "work" again. I am going to bring and pick the youngest up from kindergarten, at least in the beginning. Later she will start to ride the school bus just as her older brother. After school and kindergarten will we most likely play in the pool and do pottering.

Now I will read a chapter in my book and later get ready for bed. It is a day tomorrow too!.
Love, Maja.



Det vanliga livet, Vi tar en tur till....

Well, what do you say? Long time no see? But somehow my need to write blog posts have been low for months. However, now my desire have grown and I hope that it will last longer this time.

I will first begin to explain the reason to why I write in English. It is not because I recently moved to Singapore (say what?!) but because of my friends, Gaia and Chloé in Germany also want to read my posts. Besides, it is also a good practice for me since I don't write so much in English and because of that, I can't promise you that it will be flawless, at least in the beginning. ;)

Now, back to the Singapore part. I would like to say, what happened there? For five months ago I moved to Germany and now I am living on the other side of the world. Pretty overwhelming. And strange. But I hope that I will like it.
How I got here is because of my host family. They told me in the end of November that the chance that they were going to move was big since the mom got a new job offer here in Singapore. At first, it was not 100% sure that it would happen and I was defiantly not 100% sure if I wanted to go with them. Not because of the family, because my family here are lovely, but It was not what I had in mind at all. You know, my mind was strictly disposed towards living in Frankfurt/Oberusel and learning Greman. And additionally, I really enjoyed living in Germany. I had met wonderful people, the german culture is nice, Frankfurt and Oberusel are two lovely cities and if someone wanted to come and visit or if I wanted to go home it was just 2 hours away. So it was a difficult decision. Obviously, you already know what I decided. I did not want to go back to Sweden, I did want to stay in Germany but without my host family? Should I change family then? Nah, I was not sure about that since my host family is the very best. And the opportunity to move to Singapore just like that is not something you will get every day. So finally, I made my decision and we packed our bags and moved to the future (both in time and general progress).

So far I have just lived here for 3 days, I am brand new Singapore citizen. No, that is wrong of me to call myself a citizen but I hope I will learn so much about Singapore that someone would think that I am a citizen of Singapore. Yesterday I went down to the Marina Bays and strolled around there for hours. There is so much to see and do in this city, it almost drives you crazy! Therefore it is a relief to know that I have a long time to explore everything.

Although that I am going to miss some people in Frankfurt and at home, am sure that I will enjoy it here just as much as in Germany. I will also keep this blog updated, my goal is at least one post every week that contains a lot of details and stories from my life.

I wish you all a good day (or evening) and don't forget to smile. (Chliché, but it is always a good idea)

Down by the bays.

I ate dinner at Gluttons Bay, super cheap and super delicious. It is a noodle wok with a little of everything, I actually did not know what I ordered, I just picked something because it was too many choices haha. It looks spicy but it was not that spicy actually.

This is a street in Bukit Timah where we are living right now and where the family will find an apartment too. I really find it pretty with all the flowers on the street.



Vi tar en tur till...., Det vanliga livet

Julmarknaderna är i full gång i Tyskland och det höjer julkänslan till toppen. Förra veckan var det julmarknad här i Oberursel, tyvärr var hela marknaden bara under förra helgen, men nu finns det i alla fall en miniversion. Den svenska julmarknaden var också förra helgen, då hjälpte jag till med att grädda svenska våfflor. Det var jättemysigt och äntligen fick jag äta svensk hårdost!! Om jag saknar något ifrån Sverige så är det hårdost, tyskarna är verkligen dåliga på ost här.

Bilder ifrån Frankfurts julmarknad.

Julmarknaden inne i Frankfurt har också börjat, den är i gång varje dag fram till jul. Den var fin men väldigt mycket folk så tyvärr dras mysfaktorn ner lite. Men igår kväll var jag och några vänner på en supermysig marknad i en stad som heter Bad Nauheim. Marknaden låg uppe på ett litet berg så vi fick utsikt över hela staden medan vi drack vårt Glühwein (tyskglögg som inte är lika söt som den svenska).

"Fråga om hon kan ta en bild på engelska istället för på tyska, så det inte blir lika pinsamt"
Haha alltid tabu när man ska fråga om en "turistbild"

Idag ska jag åka till Königstein med några andra vänner och gå på ännu en julmarknad. Superkul och supermys!!