Steven ASMR

Hello my dear friends!

Today I’m gonna talk about my absolute favourite ASMR artist! My god I love this guys ASMR so much! It’s so relaxing and so comforting. His videos are a little bit different but different in a good way.

A very very good way.

Why I am following Steven is because I LOVE his videos. They are pure art! Pure pure art. If you don’t see the art in the videos then.... I’m sorry that you are not smart enough. 😮. The cinematography in the videos are SO beautiful! It must take hours to edit one of those videos. The intros. The intros are amazing! The way he is talking, the way he is using his voice, the way he acts. The light in the videos. The camera angles. The editing.
Yes, this guy is a genius.

I’m going to explain how I found him. So I was in Malmö on a business trip and I was at my hotel room and I felt very lonely and this was me being all alone and I have never ever been comfortable sleeping alone and I had just recovered from my depression AND my social anxiety. I thought to myself that I should call my husband because I felt that I was going to freak out. But then I thought to myself “no, I’m not going to call him. I can do this.” So I started looking for some good ASMR videos to calm me down. So I just searched for some ASMR boyfriend video. And then Steven just popped up. Out of nowhere.

It was the “ex-boyfriend personality disorder slow kissing ASMR” video.
When I first saw the video my cheeks turned red. I was blushing so hard and my ears started purring. His voice was soo relaxing! But at the same time the video it self was soo wonderfully made.
The light, the editing, the camera angles, the story in the video. The acting. The way Steven is talking, the way he is using his voice. My god he is soo good at how to use his voice.

God damn!
Pardon my french! But it’s SO relaxing! And when I had looked at the video I thought to myself “wow I have to see that again!” So I did. Then after the second time I thought to myself.

And at the same I started to feel sleepy. And I thought to myself “I’m getting sleepy!” So I putted the headphones in and just listened. Then I just feel asleep. And that must have been the best sleep in my life. I woke up in the morning and thought “my god! Who is this guy!” So I watched his other videos and one after the other where just more and more amazing! I know that I have said this before on Instagram but I am so thankful that Steven has helped me with my sleep. I know it is ridiculous to be so thankful to a person you have never ever meet and will probably never ever meet.
But I am, and thanks to Steven, I don’t have to take anymore sleeping pills. Just a inside information ℹ️

I have a very very long long history of depression and anxiety. Let’s not forget the pills and the therapy. I know, I have told you guys very little about that because it’s a such a long story. And I feel that it’s going to take a long time to tell you guys, that’s why I just tell you guys small bits here and there. I don’t think I have told you guys that I have also had problems with my sleep because of my anxiety. I just couldn’t relax enough to fall asleep and the sleeping pills really helped but they made me feel like a machine in the morning. But it wasn’t only my anxiety that was in the way. I just couldn’t fall asleep. I just couldn’t! And then when you find something that helps you fall asleep. It’s the best feeling in the world. I think that I haven’t slept so well in YEARS. So I am SO thankful that I don’t need the pills anymore. This was the last piece to my recovery.
I am finally me again! The positive, happy, full of life, full of energy, Magdalena again.

I am ME again. And I thought that the real me was gone but I found me again.

My sleep was the last piece🧩.
❤️Thank you Steven❤️

When I am watching Stevens videos I am looking at the details. I am looking at the art. Because he is a very good and talented artist. And when I am listening to the videos, it’s only when I am going to sleep or when I do yoga. His voice is just soo relaxing. The way he is whispering, it’s like he is going to tell you a....secret.

I think if Steven did a video where he is just says a bunch of nonsense like “iPhone” or “tacos” or “bottle of water” I would be gone after maybe 5 minutes. I’m not joking.

Now. Let’s talk about his live-streams. My god, the live-streams! Haha. He is a such a funny, loveable person. I mean he is HILARIOUS! I always have a good laugh whenever I watch his live-streams. I try to watch them as often as I can. I would love to watch them more but sadly I can’t because of college and work.
Yes, to become a computer programmer it is tough. Sadly 😢

Anyway If steven started vloging, the vlogs would be AMAZING!
SERIOUSLY I don’t understand why he has not started vloging, like yesterday. I know he would nailed it! With that personality! He would win everyone’s hearts.
I do know in my heart that ALL people who follows him would watch him.
Now I am going to be deadly serious. If he starts vloging I will send him Swedish candy. I would LOVE to see his reaction to that. Because ALL Americans who tastes Swedish candy they either hate it or love it. And the faces they make when they taste it! It’s just hilarious.
I would PAY to see Stevens reaction. I’m not joking.🤣

A couple of weeks ago Steven posted a photo on his Instagram with his girlfriend. When I understood that he had a girlfriend. My heart just swelled for him. He really DO deserve happiness! I am so happy that he has found love. It’s so nice to be in a relationship. Don’t you think? Well I do 🤗. He is also proving that there is a life behind the camera.

To be with a person where you can just be yourself and the person LOVES YOU for who you are. That is just a wonderful feeling. The reason why I am so happy for him is because. In June when I watched my first livestream. I didn’t know that he did live-streams. I just got a notification and I ta da there I was. It was a mistake. But I was interested what kind of personality he had. After I had watched his videos. In the beginning I thought. “Hey this guys I so funny.” The first 30 minutes of the live-stream was hilarious. It was so funny. But then..... Something happened.....I could feel what happened later during that live-stream (people where being childish). I could just FEEL the energy he sent of. And his facial expression...Just.... I don’t now how to explain it. The anxiety and the stress signals/energy he send off. I could feel it thru the screen on my phone.
I used to have that facial expression and that stress. I could see and feel that he was not in a good shape. Psychological.

On the other live-streams after that. I could see that he was getting better and better. He started to open up more and he started to make ASMR videos again. And you know what. He was owning it!!!! But the last live-stream he did with his girlfriend. Wow just wow. He is glowing! He is shining. He is owning it! He is so much happier. His face is so bright and he is so in love with his girl Alice. (Alice was so cute and so nice during the whole live-stream). They look so in love. They can’t get enough of each other.
❤️🤗I love that! 🤗❤️

Here is a message for you Steven.

Yes I am talking to you 😉.

You look sooo happy! All that love I saw in that live-stream. My heart just swelled. I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy for you. All that love and all that cuteness between you too. There is so much love there! Hold on to this girl Steven! Alice is sooo cute and SO adorable. She was so nice and so sweet on that live-stream. She is one of those people you just want to take home, to sit in front of a fireplace then role her up in a blanket and put her in your lap and give her a cup of tea. ☺️😍. She actually reminds me of a princess from a Jackie chan movie☺️😍.
She seems so great 😃 . I just wanted to hug her because she was so adorable on that live-stream.
PLEASE PLEASE! Do another live-stream with Alice. More Alice! 😃❤️. And NEVER EVER let her go Steven!

Here is a message to Alice. Our panda darling.
You are sooo adorable. I hope you are having a amazing time with Steven. Me and my husband used to have a long distance relationship so I know how its like.
What I want to tell you is. You are so cute, I just want to huge you. Please hold on to Steven and never ever let him go!! All that love between you two. I can see that it is real LOVE there. And that is very special. I can see on Steven that YOU are making him so happy. You are giving him positive energy and a good self esteem. And I could see in your eyes on that live-stream how much you love him. And he LOVES you so much. He looks like he is going to explode with all that love he has for you.❤️

🤗❤️ I am so happy for you two. ❤️🤗