🤫Secret and Calvin Klein 🛍

Detta är inte ett samarbete!

🌺Hi beautiful! How you doing? You look spectacular! 😍Go to the mirror. Look at yourself, tell yourself that you are beautiful because you ARE beautiful!🥰😋

Haha I just had to say that because I watched a YouTubeer who said that and I felt so flattered so I just had to say it here. 🤗😋. And it sounds so nice and sweet too. Don’t you think? 🥰🤗

Okey my dear friends. How are you? Everything good. I’m happy for you!
How am I? I’m good. I’m just a little frustrated. 🤕
I’m going to do something that I have dreamed about ALL my life. I’m so exited and I thought that I could tell you guys last week... but.... no.
Well, the reason is that we in Sweden we do pay a lot of taxes. And I have been to the bank and I have had a meeting with them.
So the secret has to wait until probably June BECAUSE of this stupid Corona virus 🦠.
I have been working so had this last few weeks and everything is done ✅ but it’s just that I have to wait for the stupid bank 🏦. I can’t do anything until the bank says yes. Normally it doesn’t take that much time to do what I am going to do. But Corona stands in my way🥺.

Okey, that was the negative part. Now, let’s talk positive 🤗.
I have done some shopping and I am going to show you some things that I have shopped.


🛍As you can see I have fallen in love with the Calvin Kline brand😍.

Because of the circumstances that is going on the world right now. There is a lot of discount EVERYWHERE. 🤗 I’ve got these bags for like 40-60% discount. I’m very happy for that because I would NEVER EVER purchase these items for full price. 🛍

🛍I must say that these bags does have a very very nice quality. Very nice quality. I like that 🤗🌺

Right now, I am just going to relax and eat some food and watch some Netflix, my favourite tv-show of all time. That’s 70s show! 🤗😋

🌺Have a nice day! 🌺And stay healthy 😷🤗