🤔 I have been thinking 🤔

💐Hi sweeties!!💐

🤔I have been thinking 💭

I get so sad when people tell me on social media. It can be here on the blog or on Instagram. They tell me how unhappy they are with their life. I do my best to help and support them. I tell them that I can be there for them as a friend but they need to get help. Like go to therapy or go to a doctor. But they say that they don’t want to. They want to talk to me instead AND they want ME to help them. I am so sorry to say this....But here is the thing, I am not a professional therapist or a doctor. I wish I was so I could help to 100%. But sadly I am not, I can not tell you guys how or what to do and not do.

Yes I have been depressed and suffered from social anxiety. I know how it is and how it feels like. It is horrible!!! Yes I know a lot about it because I have been in it for so long and now I am finally healed. And I have read a lot about it. So I do know a lot about depression and anxiety. But I did that for me, because I wanted to know what was going on with my mind and body.

But please, please, I am not a doctor. Only a therapist or a doctor can help you. They know what kind of help you need. And they know what they are talking about. They can help you.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel very very honoured that you guys wants to talk to me. And I feel very very happy and honoured that you trust me and that you are opening up to me, but I can’t help you to get you on the right path like a therapist can. I wish I could but I can’t. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. 😢

I can only be here for you guys as a friend and a person who listens. But I can not help you to stop your suicide thoughts or your self harming thoughts. I wish I could help you with that. And I wish that I could take your pain away. I am so sorry but I can’t help you with that. Please please go and get professional help. I know it’s horrible now but it’s going to be okey. I know you are scared and sad. But everything is going to be fine in the end. Be patience. It will take time.

When you have found the light in the tunnel. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I’m sorry.

🌺 I love you guys! Stay strong!🌺