Welcome back Malin Gabrielsson

Welcome back Malin Gabrielsson

Malin Gabrielsson is finally back at her blog after a break and if we feel excited about that, it is nothing against how excited Malin is! We have interviewed her about all things social media, her new mum life, where she finds inspiration and how her life looks today. Follow along and get to know Malin a bit better! Profile - 6

Hello, Malin and welcome back to Nouw! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what your life looks like today?

Thank you! I am so happy being back after a long break. I had a child one and a half years ago and since then I have put all of my focus on being a great mother and a great partner. My partner's name is Jonas and we have been living together for a little over five years now. We have a very cheeky and funny little guy named Lowe. We have recently moved so as of right now we are living in a renovating and moving chaos. When I am not working I like to "fika", hang out at playgrounds and watch series with Jonas.

Right! I am 27 years old and from Gothenburg. I am delightful, very simple, incredibly thoughtful and pretty funny. A lot of people say that I am funnier than my partner who works with comedy. Just imagine how funny I must be then!

It is so much fun that your blog and social medias are up and running again! How does it feel being back?
I feel excited and a bit nervous. I am incredibly excited to see what I can do.... I really want to make a difference.

That is such a great thing! We have definitely missed you and your content. What will we continue to see on your channels?
I have missed all of you too! A ton. You will get to see Malin and not just Malin the mum. It will be even better updates, tips and tricks, maybe even some fashion and makeup? It is not really my strong suit, but I think it is a lot of fun and I want to get better at it.

Of course you will continue to see Lowe, Jonas and much, much more. You will also see me on new channels, like on Youtube for example.

How exciting! We look forward to seeing that! How come you started working with social medias from the start?

If I am being honest it all started when I got pregnant with Lowe. I started to write about how tough it was to be pregnant, the time after, the body, weight gain, weight loss, anxiety, relationships and so on. People like honesty and want to hear the truth, and that is exactly what you get on my social medias. I noticed I made a difference just by sharing a picture och a text and I want to keep doing that.

Like you said, last year you became a mum to little Lowe. How has it been being a first time mum?
Absolutely wonderful and terribly tough. It is a great readjustment becoming a parent and I do not think I was prepared for that. But I love being a mum and even though Lowe sometimes is the reason I want to scream, pull out my hair or just hide under the blankets, he is also the one who makes me push through and the reason I keep going. He and Jonas. My little family is everything to me and I want to see us all grow.

Your journey is something that a lot of people can reason with, recognise themselves in and feel inspired by. Where do you find inspiration when things are looking down?

There are four things:

  1. My family. When we are at the playground, just the three of us, I can just sit and watch Joans och Lowe, see their love, how happy they make each other and much they love us, including me.
  2. Then we have my mother. She has not always had it so easy, we have not alway had it so easy, but she is so strong and amazing. She is the best.
  3. Then we have my friends. They give me so much energy. I know that they are always there for me and I would do anything for them.
  4. Last, but not least, rather the other way around, are my followers. Sometimes they write to me asking how I am, like these incredible people somehow just know that I am having a rough day. The feeling I get when I post a picture or a text and someone writes that I made their day - that is a feeling I cannot describe. It is so amazing. So yeah, they have a lot to do with why I am now back on social medias.

It will be so much fun to follow along on your journey ahead! How does your plans for the future look like today?

There is so much happening right now and that is so much fun. I am finally setting up my own Youtube channel. It feels scary but at the same time so exciting. I also have som other plans, but nothing is quite set so I will not say too much about it just yet. But keep an eye out!

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Read Malin's blog here: @malingabrielssons