"We felt like we could fill a gap in the market"

"We felt like we could fill a gap in the market"

Helena Engström is our business profile who together with her sister started the communication agency Vass Kommunikation. At the start they were two economists who had just moved to Stockholm without any contacts. Today they have several employees and continue to take on exciting projects. Other - 2

How did you and your sister start Vass Kommunikation?
We were brought up in a family of entrepreneurs and are very driven by a development and taking on new challenges. In the beginning of 2015 we found that there was a need on the market for well written texts and creative content on social media. We felt like we could fill a gap in the market!

The company is based on my passion for proofreading (of any kind😅). When we started the company five years ago we were two economists who had just moved to Stockholm, without any contacts in the business sector and the industry. Now we run a successful communications agency in Stockholm with clients such as Volkswagen Group Sverige AB, SJR, Engelmannsm Sisab, NTF and JW Rörservice.

What is the best part of your job?
To meet people and build relationships with our clients. There is no greater feeling than catching a mood, feeling and experience in an image or text.

Guide us through your normal work day!
No two days are the same at Vass Kommunikation and I love the variety! There is usually a high tempo with a lot of different project running side by side during a day. If not for corona, our days are usually filled with strategy planning, client meetings, and assignments in the field. We formulate social media strategies, act as advisors to the ones who run their own social media channels, conduct interviews with coworkers, produce videos and photographs everything from portraits and products to events and food. You usually find me with my camera in hand or with my fingers dashing across a keyboard.

What are some advise that you would give to our readers here on Nouw that dreams of starting up their own company?
Starting up your own company can feel both courageously and scary, but it is also so rewarding!

Network/build collaborations
Staying active on social medias and networking is how we create business. We have managed to build a customer base and really strong collaborations by doing it this way. Visiting networks, fairs and meetings are what we chose to spend a lot of time doing in the beginning. A tip is to create genuine collaborations with businesses that share the same core values as your own company!

Have a mentor
If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to have a mentor, do it, no matter if it is someone from your own industry or from another one. It will give you support and a feeling of security that really is invaluable. It is important to realize that you do not have to know everything that is out there. There is help you can get and people that are willing to help you.

Hard work, engagement and recovery pays off
I run a company within something that I am passionate about and that is a big factor when it comes to my commitment, hard work and aim to always develop. Be prepared to put more hours in than during a normal work week, both during weekdays and weekends. When we look back at our time as being self-employed, we are very proud of all the weekends we have spent prioritizing both our company’s and our client's growth. During these years we have celebrated big, as well as small, successes and we have always valued recovery.

What are you inspired by?
Genuine meetings with people, creative content on instagram and being able to run the company with my sister! But not the least my mother who have been an entrepreneur during my whole upbringing. She has been a part of our board from day one and are, since a year ago, fully employed within the company.

Give us your best social media-tips!
From our experience, personal content with the human in focus is what works the best - no matter the industry. The most important of all is to keep a dialoge with your followers and to encourage their engagement!
We share tips and inspiration daily on both our blog and our Instagram account!

What does the future hold for you and for Vass Kommunikation?
We are just about to launch something at Vass Kommunikation that will mean an extensive change fot the company! The launch is set to the 12th of October and after it we are hosting an event where we will also celebrate our fifth anniversary. We have just hired for the company and continue to take on new and exciting projects! I look at the future with curiosity and joy!

I am living my dream and I encourage everyone who wants to start up their own business to do it!

You can read Helena's blog here @helenaengstrom