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Denne uges blogger er Martina. Hun flyttede til København fra Tjekkiet for 2 et halvt år siden, for at studere på CBS. Martina drømmer om en fremtid som fotograf! Læs med for at få et indblik i Martinas liv og et udklip af hendes fotografier. Lifestyle -

Hi Martina, how are you? How does it feel to be the blogger of the week?
It’s really nice! I just got back from Paris so I am relaxed and ready for a really busy week! Being on Nouw is still so new and I am so excited about it and beingfeatured this week!

What are we going to read more about in your blog this week?
Hmmm… I think it will be really diverse, I have a few events I will be attending and photographing at. Also I will hopefully write about some Copenhagen coffee places. Another thing I have started focusing on is working out and healthy living so Iwill hopefully post a recipe!

What is your photographer tip?
Ehm I guess practice? It is really important to constantly try new things and push you limits! I just learned this cool thing where you can draw with light while taking a picture. Use an external flash in the dark, set high shutter speed take a picture of an object or someone and then move the camera a little bit. It makes a really cool effect!

How do you want to spend your Saturday night?
In general? I want to spend it with my friends. Either going out or having a chill evening and maybe cooking dinner.

What other bloggers are you inspired by?
I think at the moment I am totally in love with Janni Delér and Lisa Olsson, I love their blogging style. And they are really good with getting nice pictures!

Share your secret talent with us!
I am really good at working under pressure! TO the point that I do a lot better at exams or concerts ( I used to play the piano for 10 years).

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Wow 10 years is really far away! I will be done with my masters from Copenhagen Business School, I will be a photographer and keep on working in the beer industry with sales and marketing and probably have my own family!

What is the recipe for success for you and your blog?
I think for my blog the most important thing for me is the quality of the pictures. In my life it would be persistence! Even if something doesn’t work out straight away I try to keep on it and figure it out!

Name 3things you're looking for right now!
Refurnishing my apartment. Finishing my bachelor at CBS and Summer holiday!

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