AdvertisementToday NA-KD launches their beauty brand - NKD / BTY

Today NA-KD launches their beauty brand - NKD / BTY

The day is finally here - NA-KD is launching their own beauty brand. The products are designed to highlight your natural beauty, rather than perfection. Click here to see all products. Beauty -

In collaboration with NA-KD

NKD / BTY is now available on! Today, NA-KD is expanding its assortment by launching a beauty brand, NKD/BTY, with products that embrace individualism over perfection. NKD/BTY is about beauty being more than just looking good, it's about feeling comfortable in who you are. The first collection consists of makeup products that are easy to use and gives you the possibility to build a more festive look.

In the collection, you will find an eyeshadow palette consisting of ten shades, six of them are matte and four are metallic. The neutral shades can be used by themselves or together.

With NKD/BTYs eyebrow gel you can easily shape the eyebrows and give them colour for a natural look. It’s available in four shades: Blonde, Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown. The eyebrow pen gives you the ability to mark your eyebrows just the way you like it and the triangular tip makes the eyebrow pen multi-functional. It’s also available in four shades: Blonde, Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown.

Who hasn’t been longing for a waterproof liquid eyeliner that doesn’t give you fall out and that lasts all day? One that is easy to apply and dries quickly? You don't have to look any further. NKD/BTY has also created an eyeliner pen that is a must in your makeup bag.

NKD/BTY also comes with liquid lipsticks in seven matching colours with the lip pen. The lipstick gives you maximum coverage, is easy to apply and gives a silky and matte finish. The lipstick is highly pigmented and contains vitamin E to protect the lips. For each lipstick, a lip pen comes in the same colour. The lip pen keeps the lipstick in place, gives a long-lasting colour and can also be used by itself for just a slight of touch.

NKD/BTY contour- and highlighter kit gives your face a healthy glow. The soft contour shades highlight your finest features and the highlighter gives you an extra glow. The kit comes in two sets: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. You don't want to be without it! The bronzer comes in both a matte and a shimmery shade. It gives a beautiful glow and a sun-kissed look, with a formula that can be applied in layers to adapt the shade to the season.

Now, make sure you put your hands on NKD/BTY amazing products that embrace your natural beauty! Happy shopping!