Thursday tip: Upload photos to different folders when you blog

Thursday tip: Upload photos to different folders when you blog

Do you use a lot of photos when you blog? If you do, your photo achives can quickly turn into one big mess. But did you know that you can choose to upload your photos directly into different folders when you write a new blogpost on Nouw? Blogging tips -

If you upload a lot of photos to your blog, sorting them into different folders can be helpful. Especially for those times when you want to dive into your own archives to look for a specific photo a few months, or even years, later down the line. If you have your photos in different folders, well - then you know exaclty where to start looking. If you click on your Blog name to the far right on your account and then Pictures - you'll see an overview of all your photos. There you can move photos to different folders, delete photos, but also create new folders.

But, did you know that you also have the possiblity to upload your photos into a speicific folder already when you upload photos to a new post? Here we're telling you how.

How to upload your photos to different folders when creating a new post:
1. Go to Your blog / New post

2. When you're about to upload the photos from your computer to your post, click on the arrow over the upload button, you'll see the names of all your folders

3. Choose the folder you want to use, and you photos will now be uploaded direclty to this specific folder automatically

OBS! When you blog via the app your photos will automatically be filed under Mobile uploads

Here we've chosen our image folder "Stockholm" when we upload photos to a blogpost about a visit to the city