Thursday tip: How to maximize your possibilities on Instagram

Thursday tip: How to maximize your possibilities on Instagram

When you’ve published a blogpost, it’s time to spread the word! A great way to do so is to use Instagram. Here we’re telling you how you can get access to new features, such as getting statistics, for example. Blogging tips -

As soon as you’ve published a new blogpost - make sure to spread the word about it on your other social media channels. The more platforms you make sure to link and market your new posts on, the more potential readers will be reached. A good way to market your post is to use Instagram. If you upgrade your account to a business account you get access to more features.

How to upgrade to a business profile:
- To create a business profile on Instagram you first need to create a business profile on Facebook
- Then, open the Instagram app and go to your profile, click the cogwheel
- Tap the button ”connect to Facebook” and choose your Facebook business profile
- Check that the information is correct and confirm

Other pros with Instagram business:
- Get more information about your followers
- See statistics for your account
- Let your followers contact you directly via your profile
- It’s free to use
- The exact limit is unknown, but for most people with over 10K followers it's possible to add links in stories

Photos in this article taken by: Malin Göransson for @Dilanfaraj