Thursday tip: How to give your blog a makeover in only minutes

Thursday tip: How to give your blog a makeover in only minutes

How would you feel about giving your blog a mini makeover for summer, without spending too much time being away from the beach? Good, because today we’re giving a few tips on how to re-new your design in close to no time at all. Blogging tips -

Switch up your header
The first thing that your readers see when they come to your blog is your header. Whether you have a photo or a text at the top of your blog it can be nice to change it up a bit from time to time. That way your readers will be greeted by something new when they pop by. Do you want a photo as your header, or maybe a simple text with your name? Try a few things until you find what you like and what suits your blog best.

In @gertrudes' blog the first thing you see is a stunning & summery header photo

@daramuscat has chosen to create a header with illustrations and collages

Add modules to your blog
Adding modules connected to blogposts doesn’t only give your blog a great look, it’s practical, too. Your can connect your module to your latest posts for example. Or why not to your most popular posts - so that they can inspire even more of your readers? There is also the possibility to add an Instagram module and let your Instagram photos be a part of your blog’s design. A nice way to tie your social media channels to each other.

@Matildadjerf has added a post puff at the top of her blog, connected to her most recent posts

@theamandajournal has her lastest Instagram photos at the top of her blog, connected to an Instagram module

Change fonts and text colors
Sometimes it doesn’t have to be more complicated than changing your fonts. With very little effort, it can change the entire look of your blog. Just as also changing the colors of your fonts can give your blog a new look.

@elinskoglund has a light font in her blog…

... and @madicken_nilsson has a more bold font, giving a totally different look