Thursday tip: How to create and adjust a top menu on your blog

Thursday tip: How to create and adjust a top menu on your blog

This week we're telling you how to add a top menu to your blog. We'll also give you some suggestions on how to use the menu and how you can add different types of links. Blogging tips -

In the design tool you can find a module called Top menu. You can drag and drop this into your blog's design. For example you can drop it under or over your blog name or header. Just like other parts of your design, you can adjust the menu's appearance so that it fits to your the rest of your blog's design.

Start by adding the top menu to your blog by using drag and drop

Ordinary links
By clicking on the downwards arrow you are presented with automated links to your menu, where you can choose to add links to your Nouw profile, categories, the archive and Pages that have been published. You can also add links manually if you would like.

Drop down menu
If you want to create your own drop down menu, you need to click on the little arrows, so that they jump in under the link above. By doing so, you've created a drop down menu. The links will be added. to your blog in the same order that you list them in your design. A drop down menu can be really useful for listing different travel destinations on which you have written blogposts on, or if you want to list different ways to contact you as a blogger.

Icons for social media
You can also add links to different icons in your menu. For example you can choose to have your social media and e-mail linked via icons.

Here are some examples form @elinskoglund's & @joannafingal's blogs:

@elinskoglund has both regular links and icons in her top menu

@joannafingal is only using regular links in her menu, also when linking to her Instagram