Thursday tip: How to add your "blog squad" to your blog

Thursday tip: How to add your "blog squad" to your blog

Now you have the ability to link your friends' Nouw blogs in your top menu. That way, your readers can easily find more inspirational blogs to follow, and your friends' followers can also find your blog in an easy way. It's a win-win! Blogging tips - 4

The saying "sharing is caring" is something we truly love, especially when it comes to sharing tips on inspirational blogs to read. That's why we've added the possibility for you to link your "blog squad" in your blog's top menu. When you add a friend's blog to your top menu their profile picture, together with their blog's name, will show up. If you click on the name you'll see a nice overview for their profile and latest posts.

How to add your blogger friends in your top menu:
1. Go to Your blog / Design and click on your top menu. If you don't have one, go to the tab Modules and look for Top menu. Drag the module to the top of your blog.

2. Click on the Top menu module, then Add and choose Blogger.

3. Use the search bar to find the person you want to add. Please note that you can only add a blogger who follows your Nouw account.

4. In your menu you can now see a little profile picture next to the person's blog name. If you want to e.g. use another name than their blog name, change that by clicking on the blogger's name in the menu settings.

This is how your Top menu settings look when you've added bloggers to your menu

If you click on the blogger's name in your blog you'll see a nice little drop down with the blogger's latest posts