Thursday tip: 3 ways to avoid a blogging slump this summer

Thursday tip: 3 ways to avoid a blogging slump this summer

With summer comes lazy days off, routines out the window and life passes by in a slower pace - making it easy to loose your blogging flow in the process. Today we’re giving you our best tips on how to keep your inspiration flowing and to avoid a blogging drought this summer. Blogging tips -

Blogging is supposed to be fun and inspiring. But, during the summer when you have time off, your everyday routine might change - and it can be easy to get into an inspirational drought where you lack in both inspiration and feel like you don’t have time for your blog. Today, we’re sharing our best tips to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Create content from your everyday life
Think about what you do in your everyday life that can be used as inspiration for a blogpost and photos. Maybe you’re walking passed a beautiful place everyday that would make a perfect backdrop for outfit photos? Or, do you have a coffee date at a nice café planned - that could be content for a post? Try to think about the things you already have planned, and how you can create content out of that, instead of feeling like you have to go out and plan lots of things for the sole purpose of creating content. Don’t create faff when there’s no need for it. Because, who doesn’t like a good ol’ what-I-did-today blogpost? Yep, so do we.

Plan & organize more
Do you often feel like you lack the time to update your blog? Our answer to that is; plan & organize more. Try to sit down and write up a list of things you’re doing the following week, and that might become good content for blogposts. Set aside time during the week for when you can take photos and write up your posts. Why not make this planning session into something special? Go and make yourself a big cup of coffee and sit down someplace comfortable to have some quality time for you, your planning and your blog.

Write backup posts
As soon as there comes more time than usual in-between posts, it gets trickier for each day that goes by - knowing what to post. Because, yes, there are days when you prioritize other things than blogging, and when those days come it can be a good idea to have some posts already written and ready to be posted. That way, you can take a break, but your readers will still have something to read when they come into your blog. Nice, huh?

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